Wednesday, December 5, 2007

DCL list

I have made these lists before on, although, since that site is dead, I am going to make it here instead. This post will be edited with the new cards. I have links to each of the pics as they come out. If you find any cards not on my list, please comment:

002: Aquaman, Lord of Atlantis Art
004: Barry Allen<>The Flash, Crimson Tornado Art
005: Barry Allen<>The Flash, Founding Member
006: Batman, Founding Member Art
008?: Batman, Justice's Shadow
010: Dinah Laurel Lance<>Black Canary, New Wings
013: Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond Art
014: Hal Jordan, Founding Member
015: Hal Jordan, Fearless Art
017: John Stewart. The Master Builder
0??: Kyle Rayner, Guardian of the Universe
021: Martian Manhunter, Founding Member
028: Superman, Metropolis Marvel
032: Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace Art
033: Wonder Woman, Founding Member
035: Sea Creatures, Army Art
036: Lasso of Truth
???: Hall of Justice
???: Crisis Averted
047: Fearless
048: From the Darkness Art
049: Full Throttle
051: Indestructible
059: Telepathic Link
060: Terminal Velocity
063: Bart Allen<>Kid Flash, Generation Fourth
???: Beast Boy, Freak of Nature
???: Cassie Sandsmark<>Wonder Girl, Might of Atlas
???: Dawn Granger<>Dove,
077: Koriand'r<>Starfire, Fiery Temper
078: Koriand'r<>Starfire, X'hal's Fury Art
???: Raven, Demon Spawn
???: Ray Palmer<>The Atom, Tiny Titan
088: Tim Drake <> Robin, Titan in Command Art
???: Vic Stone<>Cyborg, Mechanized Mentor
???: Vic Stone<>Cyborg, Titans Warhorse
???: Call of the Wild
???: Cunning Strategy
102: Follow the Leader Art
???: Headstrong Charge
107: Starbolts
???: Black Manta, Deepwater Denizen
???: Dr. Light, Blinding Flash
???: Felix Faust, Soulless Mystic
???: Jemm, Son of Saturn
122: The Joker, Killer Smile
123: Lex Luthor, Megalomaniac Art
131: Scarecrow, Chiroptophobia
???: Ultraman, Earth 3
???: White Martian, Earth 3
146: Evil Genius
148: Injustice for All
149: The Joke's on You! Art
157: Black Manta, Underwater Marauder
???: Cheetah, Barbara Minerva
162?: Darkseid, Destroyer of Life
165: Deathstroke the Terminator, Killing Machine
???: Felix Faust, Dark Bargain
???: Gorilla Grodd, Psionic Simian Art
180: Mr. Freeze, Cold Blooded Art
181: Poison Ivy, Intoxicating Art
???: Sinestro, Yellow Lantern
???: Anger and Hate
???: Forced Conscription
200: Monkey See, Monkey Do Art
???: Cassandra Cain, Daughter of Shiva
209: Merlyn, Direct Hit Man
212: Ra's al Ghul, Demon's Head Rising
214?: Shadow Assassins, Army
218: The Demon's Quarters
???: Demonfang
???: The Chief, Niles Caulder
???: Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr
???: Mento, Steve Dayton
???: Negative Man, Larry Trainor
232: Robotman, Cliff Steele Art
???: Dayton Manor
235: Misfits Art
???: Strange Days
240: Lobo, The Main Man Art
???: Duty Calls
???: Mirror Image
???: The Multiverse, Team-Up
???: Nasty Surprise
???: Total Recall, Team-Up

Playmat Art

Preview Art: Doom Patrol
A Doom Patrol guy

001: Hush, Silent and Deadly
002: Espionage, Non-Unique Art
003: At Your Service
004: Flying High
005: Brainiac 13, Mental Giant
006: Teen Supremes
024: Roshambo
026: A Clash of Worlds


David said...

DAMN IT! I'm going to have to play VS again...

Pi_3.14159... said...

YES! I have gotten somebody back in! Then again, while I want you to still play, keep in mind that all except for 2 of the ones that have been previewed have been rare, and the other two were uncommon. You have to buy a lot or find on eBay or something, in order to get decks with a lot of these cards. Still, play VS again!

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