Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why Gwen?

Well, I promised I would explain why I thought Gwen was better than MJ, so here goes.

During the issues of Amazing Spider-Man up until Gwen's death, Gwen and Peter were close and loved each other a great amount. Gwen conquered her hatred of Spider-Man because she loved Peter so much. They were so in love that the creative team was worried because the only logical thing to happen next was that they get married and the creative team didn't want Peter to be thought of as someone old, who has gotten married. Unfortunately, they decided that they had to kill off Gwen. Look it up. Anyway, the reasons they got together are just amazing. Both are incredibly brilliant science students, both are orphans (unfortunately) and both fell in love. MJ was introduced as someone who was also gorgeous, but who also was just a party animal, and she liked Pete as a friend and not as a lover, and while they eventually married, she wasn't originally someone who would let herself get tied down like that.

In House of M, every person there had their greatest dream come true (to an extent) and Spider-Man had Gwen not die by falling off a bridge, but became a hero who married her and had a kid, with Uncle Ben also alive. He would rather have had Gwen there than MJ, so that says to me a lot.

In USM, MJ and Gwen's roles have been reversed and MJ is smart (Brainy Janey), while Gwen is more rebellious (punk/goth?). And Peter goes for MJ, without ever thinking of Gwen. Since in the regular 616 universe, it was Gwen who was smart, it makes sense to me that he should have ended up with her in the 616.

If you want to argue with me, bring it on, although I don't know if you'll succeed.

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