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Comics for the week of 10/24

Well, second week into this. Let's go!

Spider-Man Family 5

Basic plot: First story has Doc losing his powers to Morbius and him asking Spidey to help. Second story has Kraven taking others on a hunt and meeting Spidey. Third is a reprint of Amazing Spidey 179. Fourth is a reprint of Marvel Team-Up 21. Fifth is a reprint of Spider-Man J: Enter Elektra

Whew, 104 pages of comics! The first story isn't bad. You got your basic Doc Strange/Spidey team-up with the only difference being Doc doesn't have his powers for most of it. The best part is that it is simple and not too complicated, but still not kiddy. It is part of Spider-Man Family, so it is a small story that is for fun. The second story also delivers this, although thoroughly confused me as it has Kraven as a villain, and while Spidey has fought people like Man-Wolf, Gibbon or Kangaroo, he hadn't faced Kraven or something. Either way, it was just weird. The ending: bad. The rest: okay, and somewhat amusing. Amazing Spider-Man 179? I don't know why they chose the storyline they did for the Amazing Spider-Man back-up stories in these issues, but it's a good one. Wanna-be crime boss Silvermane and wanna-be crime boss Green Goblin duke it out and Spidey is worried because Aunt May is dying. In the issue, you learn that Harry isn't the Goblin as previously thought (at the end). It isn't a horrible story, but has nothing special. I have always liked Doc Strange and Spidey teaming up because one is magic-oriented and the other is science-oriented. Xandu is trying to save his wife still and steals the Wand of Watoomb to try and serve his purpose. This one is pretty good in that it continues letting people know that magic cannot help for most problems. Although, again, it isn't great, but okay. I just can't get myself to read Spider-Man J, as the graphics are too confusing to me and the characters are just bizarre. Sorry.

Fantastic Four 550

Basic Plot: The universe is about to be destroyed. The New FF and Reed and Sue have to save it.

I have been confused throughout the storyline by McDuffie. Oh well. I like that they brought back Gravity, although I hate how they made Silver Surfer and Stardust weak. The concept is good, although I don't like that almost the entire issue consists of them realizing different things and then the end is condensed to "We did this and won." While fighting the Contrasepsis, they just talk as if nothing was attacking them and they were sitting around a coffee table. It felt unnatural and rushed. All in all, I probably won't keep reading FF, but it was amusing (even if they did butcher Silver Surfer and Stardust).

Blue Beetle 20

Basic Plot: Sinestro War raging on out in space. A Sinestro Corps member dies and the ring tries to use Peacemaker as he is one "who can instill great fear". Jaime tries to stop this.

The only DC comic I read on a regular basis! It does not disappoint this time either. I like Albuquerque's art less than Hamner's, but it still is good. The story is amusing as always and I really like how Beetle gets more and more creative with his powers and in beating the bad guys. He has more and more resources and is getting better. It still feels like an early Spider-Man type comic, and I really like that type of story. Newbie getting used to his powers with the newer twist that his powers were originally to be used for evil. I like how he keeps adding his panic to everything and coming off a flippant, when he really just never wanted this.

X-Men: Die by the Sword 2

Basic Plot: Captain Britain has been stabbed and the Exiles have to try and help Excalibur in beating the new menace.

This is supposed to be coming out next week. Arrggh! Well, Dazzler saw Longshot, became depressed and almost committed suicide. The story doesn't progress much, but it is more about setting everything up, and unlike other stories, does it well. I like it, and think it has potential. Not much though for me to say.

Moon Knight 13

Basic Plot: Moon Knight want to get registered with the government.

I had to read this twice to understand it. I still don't fully. It just confuses me when I try to read it and nothing seems to help. I don't know. Part of it is Tomm Coker's pencils. He reminds me of Bill Sienkiewicz, in that both are supposed to be good, but I get distracted by everything they do and feel it detracts from the story too much. The multiple personality scene is amusing, but other than that, it was a very confusing, and hard to interpert through the images, story.

Ultimate Spider-Man 115

Basic Plot: Spidey is captured while Norman runs amok. Kitty rescues him and they try to take down Norman.

Woohoo! Zombie cover! Anyway, I am liking Immonen more and more, and while he is no Bagley, I can accept him as the artist for USM. The story is well done, with Peter and Norman at their best, Peter freaking out over everything that is taking place and Norman being crazy. At the center of it, it is incredibly well done and it fits together well and I continue to like the adventures of this new (115 issues in, but still new to me, apparently) Spidey and the way he freaks out like nobody else. Immonen can easily capture how much he freaks out and the facial expressions are amazing. The story is also very good, and I really want them to explain what happened to Fury (depsite U Nick Fury being an asshole). Well, it was still a great issue and coming out every two weeks? Is there any better way to say "Yes!" than just saying it?

Black Panther 31

Basic Plot: After being royally f*&#ed by the Golden Frogs, they have to take out Psycho Man.

It really was short and was still good though. T'Challa has a dream sequence where he has to fight. Ororo has a dream sequence where she has to fight. She frees them, hurts Johnny on accident in freeing them, then Johnny gets better and they end up in a new reality. The dreams are really bizarre and everything is just weird. I don't know what else to say. It's pretty good, so I recommend it, but don't expect to be deeply moved or anything. It seems more like filler than anything.

Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith 4

Basic Plot: Wraith, Super Skrull, Praxagora and the rest of the freedom fighters have to take out the Phalanx's weapon before all the inhabitants within Kree space (and beyond?) are turned by the Supreme Intelligence.

I like Grillo-Marxuach's style of writing, he wrote Super Skrull's previous mini-series and I loved how he dealt with an oft misused character. He makes Wraith so bad-ass in a way he made Super Skrull in the previous mini-series. Wraith is a complicated character and I hope he stays around after Annihilation: Conquest, as he has a lot of future potential. I really liked how powerful he is, and yet so fragile at the same time. The art is somewhat confusing and I don't like how he draws Super Skrull, but it still works for the story. Dark, gritty and highly entertaining. Who could ask for more?

What if? Planet Hulk

Basic Plot: Two What if stories. #1 deals with what would have happened if Hulk had died and Caiera, his wife, had lived. #2 deals with what would have happened if Hulk had landed on the planet they intended to send him to.

Can I say, prefacing all this, that I believe Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, Mr. Fantastic and especially Iron Man, deserved everything they got in WWH and they got off easily. Okay, that being said, the first one made me very happy. Hulk, as opposed to throwing the ship into the air, threw Caiera away from everything, so that she lived and he was too close and ended up dying. She gets even more pissed than he was, and being more of a killer, well... Let's just say it goes how I wanted WWH to go as soon as I read Planet Hulk: Armageddon. Art is amazing in both stories, so nothing to complain about there. The second story is amusing, and has a great ending, but it really is more funny than anything. When he lands, he helps a race of aliens that like him. When he turns back to Banner, they hate him, so they play a game where they try to hurt each other by doing different things and then turning back into the other. Eventually, they come upon a bargain where they share the land. At the end, the aliens have evolved to the point where they are sentient and have worshiped Hulk, and well, I'll let you see for yourself. Oh, and there is a third story that is a single page, basically about how if Banner ended up on the planet as opposed to Hulk, he would have died and then everybody else who tried to check up on him just dies as they land. An amusing story, but not supposed to be deep at all or serious.

Cable and Deadpool 46

Basic Plot: Deadpool and Bob, Agent of Hydra are stuck in the past and try to get back with the help of the Fantastic Four from before and the current (New) Fantastic Four.

I usually only buy the zombie version of a cover is they are available, although I have to buy both versions since both have Deadpool on the cover. Let's see, Deadpool being himself makes for a great story. He is really trying to change and that is the hardest part as he tries not to kill or even hurt people that much anymore, so his battle with the FF doesn't go great. But, reading this is always so satisfying that I can read the issue multiple times and be happy each and every time. Nicieza seems to like to focus on Bob, Agent of Hydra recently, having his blog be the recap page and having his side of everything. And it's good. It gives a new perspective, and seeing the perspective of someone who doesn't try to just block out all of Deadpool's quotes is good, as people generally ignore when he says something like, "Geez, this detail stuff always works better when it's done between panels." Bob, not knowing Deadpool, has to ask what he's talking about, leading to many humorous moments. By this point, he has learned more and is devoted to Deadpool (like I am) and seeing them as what they could have been while falling through the time stream is amusing beyond belief. Seriously, buy this. DO IT! NOW!

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