Saturday, October 20, 2007

Timing of releases

Last Wednesday (10/10), FF 550 was supposed to come out and I was looking forward to reading it. Unfortunately, my comic store didn't have it at 12:00, when it opens, and didn't even have it this Wednesday (10/17). I was disappointed, but it gets worse. X-Men: Die by the Sword, which I mentioned about on Wednesday, came out the week of 10/10 even though it took place directly after and relating to the events in New Excalibur 24 which came out the following week. Also, Spider-Man Family 5 didn't come out this week like it was supposed to, at least I couldn't find it when I looked. All of this is just reminding me of four separate events. All relate to Marvel (which I follow closer than DC, so I am unaware of these things happening with DC) and the first is one that I was merely told about. Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do was written by Kevin Smith and had a hiatus of years between issues. Ultimate Wolverine v Hulk had an issue come out, then later, a second came out. I am still waiting for the third. Squadron Supreme issue 8 has not yet come out either despite it being a long time since issue 7. Also, during Civil War 2, Spidey unmasks, wrecking things for years to come, but an issue of Thunderbolts that was supposed to come out a week before had to get pulled back because in it, Spidey has already unmasked. The timing of these releases are just so bad that I just sometimes wish that I read only the paperbacks so that I wouldn't get screwed over by waiting for individual issues that come out at random times that are different from their solicitation date.

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