Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Well, I know critics hated it, but I never felt that way about Spider-Man 3. Was it the greatest movie ever? No. But I don't feel it was as bad a movie as everybody says. Yes, some things were horrible and as a comic fan, I hated them. However I had honestly not felt more fun at a superhero movie when I saw it opening night. First I'll just go over the entire situation. It was a Friday afternoon and my friends were going to see it with tickets they bought in advance. With nothing better to do, I went down to Metreon (where they were going to see it) and hung out with them until when they went into the theater. I even got dinner with them. I wasn't quite able to get a ticket for the showing they went to (especially as it didn't even show up on the screen at all), but got a ticket for the last showing of the night, at 1 AM on the IMAX screen. When I returned to the theater, my friends were just leaving and we hung out for a little while until I went and saw the movie.

Yes, they put too much into it, but it was still awesome. There had to be Harry getting a Goblin outfit after all that happened in the last two movies. It was inevitable. Venom they wanted to get out of the way and Raimi really wanted Sandman (for some unfathomable reason). I don't dislike Sandman, but don't think he needs to be in a movie before Venom. As much as I don't like the symbiotes and wat they did with them (Carnage was bad enough, but Lady Venom? All his weird offspring? Toxin?), I have to admit that Venom became one of Spidey's greatest villains. Sandman? He went from random villain who was bad to misunderstood villain/hero to hero back to villain or hero and I just get confused. Like almost all villains, they made him just a bad guy until they wanted to make him more of a hero, and thus gave him a backstory that made you feel bad for him (abusive father or something). Oh, and none of that is in the movie.

Ways it differed from the comics unforgivably:
Sandman killed Uncle Ben.
Sandman has a wife and kid?
Sandman can freakin' fly?
Gwen doesn't die and likes Spidey?
Emo Spidey.

3 out of my 5 reasons have to do with Sandman. Venom, for the short time he was in it, was done well and looked pretty good. Harry, followed more in his father's footsteps with the amnesia and forgetting, but then remembering and snapping again. Harry had to become the Goblin and, while it wasn't like that in the comics, I think they made the character believable based off of what they had done in the previous movies. Alien symbiote? It was very bizarre, but at least it was extraterrestrial in some way. Vulnerability to sound was good.

Still, for all of the reasons I have to dislike it, I still really enjoyed it. This is my tried and true method for liking superhero movies. When I go into the theater, I put all of my feelings about the actual comic on hold so that I can try and enjoy the movie. When I am at the theater, I only focus on the movie, in which I generally fall into the movie and enjoy it a lot. After leaving the theater, I then walk back home (just a few miles), letting all of my anger about things go away by expressing them to myself. If you see me after watching a superhero movie for the first time, I probably will ignore you as I get all my anger over stupid things out. All my complaints about the movie I let out until I get back home, at which time, I am happy about the movie.

I would not make a good movie reviewer as I focus more on what I like, even when I know it's not a good movie. I liked Hulk, Daredevil, X3, FF, Spider-Man 3 and Ghost Rider because I try and have fun when I go to the movies, not try and critique every thing, although I do that later. I never expect superhero movies to be good movies. Fun? Yes. Good? No. Some are, like X2 and Spider-Man 2 and Hellboy, but there are ones like FF, which aren't good at all, but I still can enjoy them.

Get Spider-Man 3 today!

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