Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Power Creeps

Everything in VS has gotten more powerful. The average stats are going up, the amount of ATK people can have is going up. Everything is increasing, although I've found two to be the most blatant. When MHG (Heralds of Galactus) came out, I built myself an Inhumans deck with 3-drop Torch burning his way to victory (average of 20 points a game). Later on, while checking my binder randomly, I happened to notice 3-drop Volcana from Origins. Let's compare, shall we? Human Torch has 2 more ATK than Volcana. Human Torch has flight while Volcana does not. Human Torch needs nothing else to recruit him unlike Volcana (Doc Doom). Human Torch is on a team that specializes in face-up resources while Volcana isn't really. The only thing that Volcana has that Torch doesn't? Volcana is an easier name to get around. There are only 2 Volcana, while there are 10 Torches, including 3 4-drops.
In DWF (World's Finest), I drafted Revenge Squad. I came in second, near last, and first, so I guess it worked fairly well. Anyway, a card I drafted was Spirit of Nabu, Magic. It was an ongoing plot twist that could give me some flight, which I generally lacked. Then I forgot about it and moved on. Eventually, recently, I realized that there is a card in Legends, New Mutations, which blows Spirit of Nabu away. New Mutations costs 2 less to flip and can be used on the first turn of the game. New Mutations affects every character you control as opposed to just one. New Mutations doesn't have a cost to pay, unlike New Mutations. Spirit of Nabu only has these advantages: It lowers your endurance (good for Shadowpact) and it is Magic (good for Shadowpact), so if you are building Shadowpact, you might want Spirit of Nabu more. Otherwise, you want New Mutations.
These just make me upset, almost. Volcana was never really that good, but to have a card that is just better for almost every single deck in the very next set? Why did they even make Spirit of Nabu? Oh well. If you can find more things like these, comment please.

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