Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oct17 Comics

Well, time for my first review of comics.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 47

Basic plot: Reed is busy working on the Cosmic Cube, and he keeps everyone away from his lab. Red Ghost(not phasing yet, but give him time) has some think tank thing set up in Siberia and asks for Reed and Sue.

I have liked UFF at times, and been extremely disappointed at times. Recently, I have been fairly disappointed with UFF. The stories just seem to go by too fast and at the end, nothing happens of any significance. The Thanos storyline, I felt, wasn't great. Everything after that has been fairly dull. This seems to be dull, although we can find out. ***SPOILER*** Reed eventually builds enough of the cube that Thanos leaves him and he goes after Sue whose plane has crashed. It was taken down by a woman, working for Red Ghost, wearing a single gauntlet from Crimson Dynamo. They did show Crimson Dynamo earlier, but it was unrelated to this woman, so confusion is here. ***END SPOILER*** All in all, I might just keep getting it only because Mark Brooks does the art and I like his art a lot.

Ultimate X-Men 87

Basic plot:(Previously) Pyro(an X-Man, I know) has been undercover at the MLF and Stryfe(not a clone of Cable as far as we cal tell) teleports away right before Sentinels attack. The X-Men, at the Sentinels' base, discovered that Fenris is behind this plot. They are going to kill Psylocke when Bishop tells them to get away from his wife. In this issue, they go to take down the Sentinels and Stryfe before Sentinels kill them all. Beast reappears to Pyro and then later to the X-Men as they defeat the Sentinels.

Hooray for Alternate Zombie covers. Seriously, Marvel is trying to milk this for all they can. Anyway, I am a huge Robert Kirkman fan and things in Ultimate Z-Men are crazy. I love what is going on. Bishop going crazy and killing Fenris to save Psylocke(wife in the future which is crazy for now), Stryfe causing unrest, the X-Men kicking Sentinel ass, Dazzler going Supernova again. ***SPOILER *** Oh, and Bishop is working for Cable still? WTF? Cable planned this all along which is amazingly crazy. ***END SPOILER*** Definitely enjoyable and I recommend everything Robert Kirkman does. Seriously.

New Excablibur 24 and X-Men: Die by the Sword

Basic plot: New Excalibur ends the "Albion" plot. They try and stick together to defeat Albion's corps and stuff. Die by the Sword is immediately after they defeat Albion and during the party when the Exiles show up.

Well, I am only slightly annoyed at Marvel. Die by the Sword came out last week, even though solicitations were for this week, which is extremely annoying considering it takes place directly after New Excalibur. Oh, and New Excalibur ended with issue 24? Well, I didn't see it coming, but hey. The reason I picked up New Excalibur originally was because of Juggernaut. This issue didn't have quite as much Juggernaut as I would have liked, but enough to make me happy. The whole "Albion is Captain Britian from an alternate world" thing that they did? Predictable, but what do you expect at this point? I like how they somehow managed to kill all of the Shadow X-Men and none of Excalibur. How did that happen? Yeah, so Jean and Bobby die. Oh well. Sage regains control, Nocturne is moving about more and the series ends. Die by the Sword is certainly interesting though just because of the characters involved. For those unaware of who the Exiles are, they are basically Quantum Leap meets X-Men. They are a team that goes around fixing broken realities. Currently, the team consists of Blink and Sabretooth from the AoA, Morph, Psylocke from 616, Longshot and Thunderbird. Thunderbird and Nocturne were original Exiles and were lovers. They had to leave him behind and Nocturne eventually came to our universe. Now they can get back together. Longshot and Dazzler were once an item, but Longshot now has amnesia and Dazzler is with Pete Wisdom. Psylocke and Captain Britian are siblings. Honestly, I didn't quite realize how closely the teams were related which is scary. Anyway, the story is that the Omniverse is falling apart and the two teams will have to save it. Again. This issue was an intro issue, so nothing exciting happened, but I am looking forward to the next one which is apparently in two weeks.

Captain America 31

Basic plot: Bucky(Winter Soldier) was captured and is being tortured by Dr. Faustus.

Well, it seems simple and is fairly simple, but I have been impressed with Cap A issues. This one is no exception. It is really fun to see Faustus try and get inside Bucky's head. Um, it deals with things from WWII and how they affect today. Um, yeah. Simple, but good. Read it.

Mighty Avengers 5

Basic plot: Ultron has killed Sentry's wife and Sentry wants revenge. Ultron tries to launch nukes at the world. Ares wants to deliver a virus into Ultron using Han Pym's Pym Particles.

This series is taking forever to come out. New Avengers is already up to the next arc which involves the Might Avengers and this one still has in issue left in this arc. Bendis has somewhat screwed up his own continuity, but this is still really good. Art is amazing and there is humor mixed into everything. I like how everything is happening, and my only complaints are continuity(which I will eventually discuss) and timing of issues.

Marvel Zombies 2 #1

Basic plot: It is 40 years later. The Zombies have eaten the entire universe, almost and want more food. Remembering Reed's device, Hank decides they should go back to Earth to find more universes to eat. Back on Earth, every one is old and there is unrest between T'Challa and the Acolytes who don't want to live under his rule.

OMG! I love Marvel Zombies and am so happy it is continuing. First off, the zombies have pretty much shed the Galactus armor(although I believe still have his abilities) and have recruited Thanos, Gladiator, Firelord and Dark Phoenix onto their side. Yes, Dark f***ing Phoenix. The absurdity of these issues are amazing. Back on Earth, with the unrest, things are somewhat boring, but they find Hawkeye's head (lopped off in Marvel Zombies 1) and bring it back. Oh, and Wasp has to bits T'Challa to keep him alive and now Black Panther is a zombie. I can't say enough about Marvel Zombies. Kirkman again, and he delivers. It is just amazing how good these are and how funny they are. Seriously, read Marvel Zombies 1, Marvel Zombies v Army of Darkness, UFF story arcs Crossover and Frightful, Black Panther's current arc.

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