Monday, October 29, 2007

Marvel Zombies p2

If you haven't read the first part of this, you probably should before this. Just warning ya.

So, after UFF's second look at the zombies, they made Marvel Zombies v Army of Darkness. Army of Darkness has apparently had quite a few crossovers, but it made the jump to Marvel Zombies with this. It starts with Ash landing in a dumpster after falling from the sky after being kicked out of the afterlife (or something like that). He comes across Thunderball from the Wrecking Crew fighting Daredevil. Ash, not knowing who they are, sides with Thunderball, but before going to help, he gets a message of the world falling and an army of the dead rising delivered to him by the Necronomicon through a bag lady. As Ash starts to attack her, Dardevil, seeing a man with a chainsaw attacking an old woman attacks Ash. Ash distracts DD long enough for Thunderball to deliver a blow and knock DD out. He thinks himself a hero until he finds out that DD is a hero and Thunderball is a villain who was escaping from prison. Then, to set some things straight, he goes to Avengers HQ to warn them that the world is in danger. They don't take him seriously and he storms off. He starts ranting in the streets about the end of the world, but when the Avengers show up to stop him, the Sentry comes to Earth, infected with the zombie virus. In UFF, you learned Sentry brought the virus to Earth (sorry I didn't mention that earlier). Sentry infects all of those Avengers and they start eating people. Ash is rescued by Spidey who swings him away before being bitten by Colonel America, where he falls into a dumpster and then faces Luke Cage, Black Widow and Hawkeye, all zombies. Spidey then says Ash is all his and Colonel America lets Spidey have Ash to himself. As he swings away with Ash, he reveals he hasn't been turned yet, but then fears for MJ and Aunt May and thus rushes back home. Then, Ash runs into Punisher who says he'll help Ash if Ash helps him as Punisher then kills Kingpin and a lot of the crime lords who were meeting with him. Punisher is soon taken out though by a horde of zombies. Ash is able to save Dazzler though, and when he tells her of the Necronomicon's message, she takes him to Dr. Strange's house to see if he could do anything. As they get there, Ash is grabbed from behind and then Dazzler turns around to see Ash being eaten by a zombie Howard the Duck. The next issue introduces us to Ashley G. Williams who lived in the Marvel Zombie-verse and as soon as he heard about the zombie invasion, he went off to stop it with a chainsaw and shotgun. After taking out some zombies, he eventually saw Dazzler and Ashley J. Williams, and was distracted enough to be attacked from behind. The main Ash was apparently grabbed by Scarlet Witch, who joins them as they enter Doc's house. Dr. Strange isn't there, but a zombified-Dr. Druid is and eating Wong. After killing Druid, they search for the Necronomicon, and are told by the other books in Strange's library that a different doctor has it, Dr. Doom. As they leave for Scarlet Witch's Quinjet, Nextwave gets annihilated by a zombified Power Pack. They reach Latveria which is under attack by zombies also, like Black Goliath. Doom lets them in, but lets them know it is not something that the Necronomicon can deal with and locks Ash in a bunker with survivors from Latveria that he saved. He eventually gets released by one of the girls, and promptly runs into a Doombot, which they defeat. Then, using the armor covering the Doombot, he dresses as Doom and goes to Doom's library where he confronts the Necronomicon which echoes Doom's sentiments, saying it is not a virus that is magically inclined, but one from space, unrelated to magic. After leaving, he runs into Enchantress who is being held captive by Doom. After releasing her, he eventually learns she was imprisoned because she was a zombie, although one who still has powers of illusion. Dazzler is infected by Enchantress and Doom incinerates both. Before Ash can confront Doom, Latveria comes under attack by every single Marvel Zombie as led by Colonel America. Ash then comes up with an idea and has the Necronomicon raise all the people that the zombies ate from the dead to attack them. (Necronomicon's prediction comes true as world falls and army of dead rise, although at different times) Of course, the Marvel Zombies are much more powerful, but they are distracted by them long enough for Doom to construct a portal that allows the survivors to escape to another dimension. Ash gets though, but Doom destroys the portal as he was already infected. Ash goes through dimensions until he comes across one that resembles his own NYC. The portal fizzes out and he turns the corner and comes face to face with a pack of werewolves dressed like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine, Giant-Man etc. who have just finished eating Galactus. Then WereWolverine tells them that he smells food. The rest let him know he is no longer the only one with enhanced senses now, as they attack Ash.

During the run of MZ vAoD, they released a stand-alone story entitles Marvel Zombies: Dead Days. This takes place when heroes are still becoming infected. It opens with Spidey after leaving Ash, getting home and letting MJ and May know what is happening. Unfortunately for him, he turns before he realizes and eats his wife and aunt. Nova turns up to see if he can recruit Spidey to help fight the zombies, but realizes he arrived too late. Spidey then infects Daredevil, who saved Nova from being infected. Nova runs into Thor, who also has not been infected. As they fight off zombies, they get saved by the FF who take them back to the SHIELD Helicarrier, which is safe at the moment, where they stand with the other un-infected heroes. Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and other scientifically minded heroes then start working on a cure, but Reed realizes that this could be the next step in human evolution (he is slightly crazy after She-Hulk came into the Baxter Building, eating his children). He infects his team with an airborne version of the virus and they then turn him. Iron Man works on a portal that will take them to another dimension, and while he finishes it, Reed attacks and Thor is forced to take out the portal before they can go, so that Reed can't go to another dimension for food. He eventually does (see UFF), but it takes him more time. A lot of the story recaps fights and how people were turned, including huge fights between the zombies and the non-zombies.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Marvel Zombies 2 came out. This is shaping up to be a good story, so I look forward to continue to see Marvel Zombies for as long as I can.

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