Friday, October 19, 2007


I have no idea where I first saw him, although it was probably X-Force 2 (Not when it came out, but found it somewhere). All I know is that I didn't think much of him at the time as he wasn't a big character in any of the things I saw. Although I did see ads for his comic in my comics (Drawn by Ed McGuinness when he was still a newbie), I paid little attention as I was only about 7 or so. Then, I decided to get every single Civil War tie-in. Why? Probably because I am crazy, but anyway, Cable and Deadpool had a tie-in to Civil War, so I decided to get it. After reading the first issue of the Civil War tie-in (issue 30), I was hooked. I just had to have more Deadpool, so I went and got early issues of Cable & Deadpool, eventually getting the entirety of that series, getting random issues of Deadpool at comics stores and looking for New Mutants 98. Now, I am obsessed with Deadpool. For those of you who don't know who Deadpool is, go to Wikipedia and look him up.

Now, this also ties into VS, because I have decided to make a Deadpool deck. At the time, he had 2 versions and 3 teams between those versions. Deadpool was first in the Marvel Knights set on the Crime Lords team as a concealed 5-drop who attacked up the curve. More recently, he got a version in Marvel Team-Up as a Dual affiliated character to Marvel Defenders and Sinister Syndicate. Why Syndicate and with dual loyalty? Who knows, but the point remains that he existed in two versions (now he has 3, but I am letting that slide for now). Anyway, I decided to build a deck based off of the Dual affiliated version, as I feel he can be used more.
Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth
Cost: 5
Marvel Defenders/Sinister Syndicate
Dual Loyalty, Concealed
Backup: Activate -> Whenever target character attacks this turn, KO it. Use only during the build phase.
"Y'know, these Ginsu knives really do stay sharp!"

I decided to focus on the Marvel Defenders and not as much on the Syndicate and came up with the following deck out of cards I own:
1 Wong, Mystical Manservant
2 Archangel, New Defender
3 Tania Belinskya<>Red Guardian, Cold Warrior
2 John Walker<>US Agent, Loose Cannon
3 Hellcat, Patsy Walker
1 Kyle Richmond<>Nighthawk, Heart of the Team
1 Hawkeye, Loud Mouth
4 Richard Rider<>Nova, Xanadarian Nova Corps
1 Samantha Parrington<>Valkyrie, Chooser of the Slain
1 Johnny Blaze<>Ghost Rider, Damned
4 Deadpool, Merc with a Mouth
1 Hulk, Grumpy Goliath
4 Sub-Mariner, Neptune's Fist
1 Wendell Vaughn<>Quasar, Protector of the Universe
2 Hulk, Strongest One There Is
1 Professor X, Illuminati
1 Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme

4 Alien Symbiote, Unique

3 Secret Defenders, Team-Up
2 The Order
2 The Book of the Vishanti
2 One-Man Rampage
2 Zzzax Attax
3 Imperius Rex!
4 Defenders Defend!
2 Consulting the Orb
2 Banished to the Abyss

Abuse of Deadpool and Nova on turns 5 and up. Fairly simple, although not consistent, nor will it necessarily be.

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