Monday, December 1, 2008

Transporter 3

One thing to get out of the way first: I got my MEV boxes in the mail today, and am happy about that. I don't know how I'm going to open them yet (open them all at once, then make decks, make my own sealed decks to see what I can do, try and get other people so I can draft, etc), but I am happy that I now have 6 MEV boxes.

My cousin works at a movie theater (and he made Employee of the Month for November, too!) and while visiting him and family in Coumbia, MD this past week for Thanksgiving, he was able to get me and my grandfather tickets to Transporter 3. I love Jason Statham ever since I saw him in Crank (which was ridiculous). When I heard there was a new Transporter, I wanted to see it. I haven't seen the others yet, although I know the plots to the extent that I need to (and I want to see them), and so going into Transporter 3, I was excited. It didn't disappoint. See, with a movie like Transporter 3, you don't want a complicated story with lots of twists and turns and is an amazing movie experience. What you want to see is Jason Statham doing some crazy driving, and kicking people's asses while losing his shirt. It delivers, with some awesome car chases, including one where he chases the car and one where he gets to tip the car onto its side to drive in between two trucks. He has two main fight scenes where he is able to beat all of the people attacking him fairly easily for the most part. There is one part that reminds me of Punisher, when he fights the Russian, where punching him doesn't seem to hurt as much. Statham still wins, which is expected. The whole movie is ridiculous and over the top, which is fine, as that was what I was expecting. For some reason, my grandfather was confused about the plot which was very simple, as it wasn't the main purpose of the movie. They didn't outright say a whole lot of the plot, but by simply paying attention for short periods, you could tell that the main plot is basically this: People want to dump toxic waste, so they kidnap the daughter of the Minister in charge of the environment (or whatever he was, it doesn't matter, just that he controls whether or not they dump), and hire Frank Martin to transport her to wherever they want him to. That's it. Along the way, Frank drives and kicks ass. It wasn't a good movie, in that it wasn't deep or anything special, but it was a fun movie that was enjoyable to watch.

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