Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Comics today

As I mentioned yesterday, I am traveling today. Because of that, I am not able to get comics until tomorrow at the earliest. Instead, you get me talking to you about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer. I am really psyched that we get to see young James Howlett (hopefully, they'll get his real name in there). Origin was a cool story, and I enjoyed reading it and seeing young Wolverine. This seems to be an interesting movie. The main thing I notice is it seems to have a lot of action and a lot of different characters. I mean, they have a whole bunch of Weapon X characters, including Sabretooth (duh, he's in it), Maverick, Beak, Silver Fox and a whole bunch of others. The Blob is in it, Emma Frost, Gambit, hell, Beak is in it. Well, he's in it as Barnell Bohusk, and apparently has electrical powers. I'm kind of upset about that. It is like Callisto or Arclight or Psylocke or Kid Omega in X3, where they have the person with completely different powers, in a way that it really isn't the same, aside from that they share a name. Why Beak? Why couldn't they create a random new guy with electrical powers, as opposed to having a guy with the same name as Beak with electrical powers. As for the main reason I would see this movie, Deadpool, I am very worried. So far, all I've seen of Ryan Reynolds in it has been him wearing red, with swords. Sure, Deadpool uses swords, but they are seriously worrying me. I want a hideously scarred Deadpool, who has to wear a mask, and a full body costume because you don't want to look at him. It isn't Deadpool if it's just a guy with swords. It's a disgrace, and I'll be pissed if it is. Again, like with Beak, but more so, just get some random other guy you make up unless you actually make it the character. Deadpool should be a wisecracking character, fully masked, with hideous scars, if you see his skin, and an insane demeanor, constantly mocking people. For a good example, watch Hulk Vs. (the Wolverine part), in which Deadpool appears with Weapon X, hunting Wolverine, all while crazy. That is Deadpool. So far, I am insanely paranoid, and while I want to watch it all for Deadpool, I am nervous that they are going to fuck up Deadpool horribly. Please, don't fuck Deadpool up! Please!

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