Thursday, December 18, 2008


So, if you were flying Southwest, and wanted to get to SF from Albany, NY, you have to go through one of their hubs. Since it is the winter, as opposed to going through Chicago, or somewhere else where the weather might be bad, instead, let's go through Las Vegas. Vegas is perfect for traveling during the winter. Okay, so do you actually know the meaning of irony? Irony is when you are expecting one thing to happen and it is the opposite. So, for example, if it hadn't rained all week, and it didn't rain on that specific day for years, and that was the day you planned your picnic because of that, then rain would be ironic. If you plan your trip to go through the place where it won't snow and thus close down the airport and it snows there hard enough to close the airport, that's irony. Yes, apparently Las Vegas had a snowstorm. What? I know. Let's just say that yesterday wasn't fun for travelling. But, at this point, I have made it home. I had to fly into Oakland, as opposed to San Francisco, and actually got into the Bay Area 20 minutes earlier than my Vegas-SF flight would have gotten in, but since I was originally going to San Francisco, they didn't have my luggage in Oakland. Hopefully, it'll come soon. Sigh...

I'm just taking it as a win that I got in earlier than planned. It makes it easier.

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