Sunday, December 28, 2008

Text Twist

I am addicted to Text Twist. I honestly am. I can avoid Text Twist at times, but once I get bored, it comes back, and then I am screwed. So, in Text Twist, you get 6 letters that form a single word (or multiple words) and you have to find all the three letter to six letter words that can be formed out of those letters. If you find the six letter word before time runs out, you get to move on to the next word. Otherwise, you lose all your points. You can get around 5,000 points or so if you find them all, otherwise, you can end up getting 2,000 or so points for each word. I currently have reached 1,000,000 points. Pic or else it didn't happen?

Heck, at the moment, I am getting every word almost every time. I even had over a minute to go when I finished this time. This is getting kind of silly.

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