Monday, December 15, 2008


I have gotten my boxes, but only opened one so far. I like playing various Sealed events, so I try and play Sealed with my boxes. I have to wait until I'm back in SF, as there is no one that I know of in Troy that actually plays VS.
Sigh, they messed up the Deadpool 7-drop, in that it doesn't have the artist listed. I want to apologize to the eBay merchant who was selling MEV that had Deadpool for sale. I doubted that the actual card would be missing the artist (Zircher) listed, so I doubted that the cards were real. Apparently, it is real, though. Currently, I am planning on building a Cable/Deadpool deck (for the heck of it) and it is easy in that Cable is at even drops and Deadpool is at odd drops. Who will my 1-drop be? If only HYDRA Recruit were a 1-drop, then I would call him Bob, and play with Bob. Why isn't there a Weasel 1-drop. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance fans will recognize him as the guy who helped out in trying to determine whether or not Black Widow is a traitor. Deadpool fans will recognize him as Deadpool's smart guy who builds weapons and hangs out with him. I really want Bob and Weasel, along with other Deadpool supporting characters. Oh, well. At least they gave me Deadpool legend.

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