Thursday, January 13, 2011


Okay, so today's my birthday, so I'll talk about the one thing I really want for my birthday, Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Specifically, I'm interested in the special edition version available on Capcom's online store. That's the special edition version with the Shuma Gorath t-shirt on it that looks awesome.

Okay, today I'll talk about the various Marvel characters known to be in the game and how I feel about each one being there.

Captain America: Well, Cap is a big enough character that I'm really not surprised. He's never been a character I've really cared that much about, but I respect the character enough to understand why he's there. I probably won't use him much, but whatever.

Deadpool: Duh. Beyond that, though, I'm really excited to be able to use Deadpool. He seems to be an interesting character. His attacks look unique and interesting and he seems to be fun to play, especially with his breaking the fourth wall and references to things.

Doctor Doom: He was interesting in MvC2 and I enjoyed him to an extent, but in this, whatever. I hope Doom has better attacks though, as I hated his super in MvC2.

Dormammu: I am amused by Dormammu as a character as I never read a lot with him, but he seemed totally bad ass when he was there. For example, he was in the Spider-Man animated series and actually was behind the creation of Carnage in that series. He was on trading cards (which I collected) and there were various ways I knew of him without having read a lot with him. Then he was in the Defenders in the miniseries by Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire, aka the trio behind the Justice League International (with Booster Gold and Blue Beetle, aka the funny Justice League) and then later the reunion of the characters in the Formerly Known as the Justice League and I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League miniseries. They made Dormammu hilarious and it is that version I really know, so I'm glad that that costume (which is awesome) is the one used in MvC3. He's probably going to be my third character, after Deadpool and Kl'rt, unless someone better is shown to be in it from the remaining characters.

Hulk: Hulk has never been one of my favorite characters, but like Cap, he's popular and so he's in. Whatever. He was okay in the MvC series, but I never liked him much in those games.

Iron Man: I liked using Iron Man in MvC2 when I completely abused his Proton Cannon attack. It should be interesting to see how he's different, because he should be almost the same but with some minor changes.

Magneto: Mags is a character I like, but one that can never translate that well to fighting games, I feel, because he's too powerful. Magneto should be much more powerful than a lot of people, but he's balanced to be just another character. Oh well. At least Mag-fucking-neto is in the game. Where yo curleh mustache at?

M.O.D.O.K.: Seriously? MODOK? Pardon the lack of periods in his name in the post, but MODOK is silly. It's silly that he is in the game, but whatever. He's very amusing at the very least.

Phoenix: Same problem with Mags, in terms of power. Sigh... At least I like Jean Grey more though.

She-Hulk: Never liked She-Hulk that much. When she broke the fourth wall, she was amusing, but she never really settled into anything. She was either angry or humorous, but has switched back and forth and in general is just one of the bigger examples of a female character that's made because a popular male one exists. Oh well.

Shuma-Gorath: I'm sad that Shuma-Gorath probably won't be on my main team because he's awesome. For a character that's relatively obscure in the comics, he sure is popular in the gaming world. Seriously, Shuma-Gorath's rise to fame from gaming is silly and amazing. I always loved him in the previous games. I might have to team him with Dormammu or other extra-dimensional beings. Hmmm...

Spider-Man: I've liked Spidey, Spidey's cool. Right now, I'm meh about him. Like Cap, Iron Man and Hulk, he's there because he's one of the mainstays of Marvel. He still is a cool character, but whatever.

Storm: I never liked Storm in the 90's white costume that was used in the animated series. When she was badass and punk, that was kind of cool. For the most part though, she's just another character to me, one I don't like or dislike, but just acknowledge as present.

Super-Skrull: Hell fucking yeah! Kl'rt (his real name) is my second favorite character after Deadpool, but I never get to show my love for him because he's not as popular as Wade. That he's included is amazing and awesome. When I heard he was in, I couldn't believe it. I am super psyched for Kl'rt. Plus, he looks awesome to play.

Thor: I like and dislike Thor. I've liked the character as part of the Avengers and thought he was interesting, but his solo stories, when dealing more with Asgard aren't as interesting to me. Oh well. I hope he plays well, and I love that he's in the more recent outfit which I like a lot more.

Wolverine: See Cap, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man. Still, he's an okay character. My main problem is that all his attacks use his claws, yet he never cuts anything, which I understand from a game perspective, but from a flavor perspective is all messed up (that includes every game he's in)

X-23: Okay, seriously? X-23 is the character I feel strangest about being in the game. I really don't have anything against the character (maybe because I love X-Men: Evolution where she was introduced), but it feels silly having her there. Apparently she's not a Wolverine clone though, so we'll see.

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