Monday, January 17, 2011

MvC3 new update

Okay, so they just revealed (at 7:33 this morning) two new characters for MvC3. Akuma is one of them, and I feel kind of meh about him. He's okay, and I realize people like him, but he's basically Ryu, although he has other stuff. More importantly, they released a character that actually bumps Dormammu off of my top 3 list. Specifically, they released Taskmaster.

Now, if you paid attention to some of my other stuff, you'd notice I mostly know Taskmaster from the appearances he's made in Deadpool comics, which is okay, beacuse he's awesome in those. Although I did like when he was in Avengers: The Initiative and was bad-ass in that also, especially his first appearance when he calms the fight between Stature, Ant-Man and Yellowjacket (all giant people) by knocking them all down, then punching Yellowjacket in the neck to knock him out. You had to see it. Taskmaster is a character that's awesome in that he isn't really a bad guy, but he is a hired mercenary, so that makes him the bad guy. He can copy other people's fighting styles (which means in this game, he has some of Captain America's shield charges and some of Spider-Man's swinging) with his powers, and uses a variety of weapons. Plus his costume is awesome.

Okay, so now my team consists entirely of characters that I own in Super Hero Squad figures, since it'll be Deadpool, Kl'rt and Taskmaster. F-ing awesome!

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