Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Comics I'm getting on 6/30

I said I might do it this week. It could have been done earlier if I weren't so busy. And heck, I'm probably going to get the actual comics on Thursday, when I finally have the day off. Who knows? Oh, and look for an Avatar themed post coming soon.

Astonishing X-Men #34
Is this finally coming out? Because, I've been waiting for a while now. I mean, okay, look at this link here. That's a Deadpool variant. I believe the Deadpool variants were in March. Now, the last day of June finally has this issue coming out (hopefully). Joss's run is one of my favorite series, definitely up there near the top. After that, it's been hit or miss with Ellis, I feel. Ellis is a good writer, but tried too hard to do his own thing and try and keep Whedon's style. It comes out kind of mushy. Oh, well. This should be interesting at the very least.

Deadpool Team-Up #892
I feel Deadpool Team-Up has been the weakest Deadpool series, but it is still a Deadpool series. The first issue was good, with Hercules, but then he hasn't been with anyone major except for Franken-Castle, which is silly in and of itself. This has him with Satana, you know, the lesser-known sister of the C-list Hellstorm? Sigh... If this series had one good writer, as opposed to being different from month to month, it might be better, even if it still was nowhere in continuity (except, again, maybe the Franken-Castle). Whatever. It's Deadpool. I love me some Deadpool.

Deadpool: Wade Wilson's War #2
The first issue was weird and crazy. I loved that he was talking in the flashback to the future, with the mercs he was with were confused by him talking to the future in the past. You have to read it to understand. As for what's supposed to happen in this series? I have no idea. Is this current Marvel, in a continuity not a ways off from the modern one? Is this out of all continuity on its own (which seems to be the case here)? Is this just all in Deadpool's head? I honestly don't know, but the first issue was fun even if it made no sense, so I'm looking forward to this.

Doomwar #5
I was impressed by the end to the last Doomwar issue, with Deadpool finally entering the fray. I can't wait for this series, which has been really, really good. I didn't know what to expect except Deadpool, but this has been a treat. You get to see Doom and T'Challa, both rulers in addition to being superhero and supervillain, really relying a lot on their people, as opposed to doing everything themselves. It's really cool. This should be a good issue.

Secret Avengers #2
What I really want to know is what Nova is doing there, but I'll let it sit right now. More importantly, I really think this has potential, but I don't know if it can live up to it. I thought the first issue was weak, but others disagreed. I'm willing to give this series a chance, but it isn't high up there on my radar.


Marvel Zombies 5 #4
I think I've mentioned this before, but Marvel Zombies was something I liked. The first series is really fun and I enjoyed it a lot. The Ultimate FF crossovers were both good. I also enjoyed the Army of Darkness series and the Dead Days one-shot. I feel it started to jump the shark with Marvel Zombies 2 and with the Black Panther crossover (proving once and for all that Ultimate and regular are in a common multiverse, since both are in the multiverse with the zombieverse). I read Marvel Zombies 3, but I wasn't expecting much by that point. Marvel Zombies 4 I read because of Deadpool and only because of Deadpool, well, Headpool really. Marvel Zombies was a fun concept that has been taken way too far.

New Avengers: Luke Cage #3
I don't know if I had paid any attention to this before this week, but, well, I don't want the spin-offs or mini-series that focus on the characters without a series (Hawkeye and Mockingbird and this Luke Cage stuff). I think Cage is interesting, but not the best solo character. He worked okay in Power Man, but better as Power Man and Iron Fist. He's a strong member of the New Avengers, and is interesting in the team. Outside of the team, he's not as interesting. Also, what the heck can normal people do to Luke Cage? Shooting him is the best option and that does nothing. How is he in trouble in this?

Thor #611
I read Thor up to and one issue into the renumbering. Then I stopped, mostly because I was shorter on money and, well, Thor wasn't the highest up on my list. I can honestly say issue 3 was one of my favorite single issues, just because it shows how badly the decisions Stark made turned out and how Stark looked to, well, people like me, and then Thor kicked the crap out of him. It was awesome. Then it got less and less interesting to me. I don't know why, but it just lost its charm and I just don't care anymore. I'm not going to start post-Siege (although I do wonder how Thor fell back into good graces with Asgard after slaying Odin's father (or whatever).

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