Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Comics I read on 6/16

Sorry about being so late on this post. I would have done it sooner, but I was doing things late Tuesday, was out all day Wednesday and didn't even get comics until Thursday, when I got into a horrible mood, and cleared my head by walking for most of the evening, then I had work all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then I rested Monday. So, instead of showing what I planned to pick up, I'll do some reviews. Wednesday should have previews again.

New Avengers #1

Look at that cover. You've got classic Avengers in Ms. Marvel, Carol Danvers. You've got New Avengers with Spider-Man, Wolverine and Luke Cage. Then, there's Thing, which makes very little sense. I was wondering how it'd work, but thankfully it worked well. Demon-possessed Hellstorm attacks Dr. Strange to start it off, followed by Luke Cage buying Avengers Tower from Tony Stark for a dollar. Honestly, it was done well. I like that the team didn't lose a lot in the Heroic Age transition, keeping a lot of the people it used to have. It isn't exactly the same, but it is a good team. Thing is on it, in a, "Sure, you're on the FF, but if you're bored, like Wolverine is a lot of the time, come hang with us!" moment. In fact, Wolverine was right there to talk about all the teams he's on. It was light, with humor, but also had the main plot brewing. I think having Osborn's right hand ma...erhem...woman working with the Avengers is interesting, but neither trusts the other so it is at least believable. All in all, I think it works better as just the next issue, and less as a number one, but whatever, it works for me.

Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #4

Ha! Makes sense, I guess, but, well, the main bad guy is a little girl. You see, in the fantasy land where all the creatures come from, children who fall asleep can wake up in the fantasy land, as the ruler, with near omnipotent control of the realm. Usually, that's okay, unless you f*$% it up and let the kid know that he or she is going to have to leave. The little girl didn't want to go, and so set about destroying everything, so she wouldn't have to share, or something like it. All in all, it was more amusing than anything, and in the end, there are absolutely no repercussions, which is just fine. It was a silly series, but I expected that. I honestly want more Pet Avengers stuff (with a bigger focus on Lockheed, which people might know is one of my favorite characters).

Deadpool: Merc With a Mouth #12

The series is winding down to an end. What should have been probably one story arc ended up lasting 13 issues. Seriously, this should have been 4 issues, or at most 6, but was dragged out for far too long. I like Gischler, and his work on Deadpool Corps, well, let's just say Deadpool Corps isn't my favorite series for the Rob Liefeld art. Still, this is ridiculous. This issue had some good parts, but it all is just dragging on, and is exhausting. I love Deadpool and Headpool, but Dr. Betty is annoying, the AIM guys are annoying, I've lost track with what the zombiebverse is supposed to be like, and frankly, I just don't care. Absorbing Man turning into tissue paper? Amusing. Dr. Betty pushing the more annoying (if that's possible) other-hot-female-doctor-who's-now-zombified off a building? Also amusing. Everything else? Meh. This series' best attribute was the covers, and the Nirvana Deadpool floating towards a taco by Suydam is brilliant.

Deadpool #24

Way's arcs are too haphazard for my tastes. Bullseye was the best arc, followed closely by the Secret Invasion one. The Hit-Monkey arc and this one are bland and not as good. I guess having Weasel be some "hero" who protects the people of Vegas, but really works for the casinos is amusing, but, well, I've found Weasel to be not the most loyal, but not as backstabbing or tricky as he was. He didn't seem like the way I've read Weasel. And the Grizzly? Did Way know about Grizzly from Thunderbolts and use him anyway, in spite of, or did he just not know? Because I honestly don't know what's happening. Some good parts, but I honestly don't know what's happening in the end.

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