Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comics I got on 6/23

Okay, so I'm a horrible liar. Sorry. I might do it next week (ha, noncommittal statement ftw).

Avengers #2

I already read it, so this is actually a review. Again. Anyway, Avengers #2 was a lot better than issue #1 in my opinion. There was a lot of Bendis talk, with characters just talking with each other about everything that's going on, but there was some good action in it too. Marvel Boy vs Titanium Man, the Avengers vs Wonder Man, and a great final spread of a version of the Horsemen of Apocalypse featuring Spider-Man, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, and what I want to say is Rulk, but I honestly cannot tell. Basically, the Avengers' kids f'ed up time royally, and now time is falling apart. Don't you hate it when that happens? The Avengers decide to do something, so get Noh-Varr to build them a device to view time. Seriously. It's an awesome spread of various alternate futures, including M2 (Spider-Girl universe), Days of Future Past and 2099 (okay, that one sucks). But, there's a problem and time is seriously screwed. A bald future Wonder Man attacks, then vanishes, and the Horsemen show up. All in all, I think a much better issue, with enough action mixed with Bendis' bread and butter to make it interesting and a good read for a main comic in the Marvel universe.

Thunderbolts #145

Not surprisingly, the Zemo thing was a trick, and the Thunderbolts respond in many different ways. Crossbones decides to go with Zemo, Moonstone decides to fight Zemo, Juggernaut decides to just get while the getting is good and Ghost realizes it is all a test. Oh, and as they described, Juggernaut is weakened (again), because of what happened in the ASM issues with him, ones I looked at, but decided not to read because I didn't want to see, "Oh, look! Captain Universe is so powerful that he can beat the Juggernaut, and then Spidey will do something." I love Juggernaut, but not as a generic strong guy. He's an interesting character, and while I realize some people (most people?) hated Uncanny X-Men during the New X-Men Morrison run, I enjoyed it, and I enjoyed seeing Juggernaut with the X-Men, and to me, it made sense. He's been a villain for a long time, but never a "rule the world/pure evil" villain, just a thug who wants money and to hang out with his buddy Black Tom. I mean, he was always the villain until that, but he didn't seem pure evil, he just happened to be a villain, one who hated his stepbrother for taking his father's love from him (which he realized later was actually not true, as his father was a prick who hated both equally), and one who wanted to get even against the brother with the annoying mind powers that always gave him the upper hand. When he joined, it made sense, and it was cool to see him there. Of course, he was depowered because every villain who becomes a hero has to be depowered. Now, it's happened again. The rest was pretty blah, with the only interesting thing being the twist at the end that one of the trolls is actually a girl, or something. Huh? Whatever. I'll read this for Juggernaut, but unless it is villains who honestly want to be heroes or Warren Ellis making everybody crazy, Thunderbolts doesn't work well. I just hate what they've done with Juggernaut.


Amazing Spider-Man #635

Reasoning mainly having to do with Thunderbolts, I hate that Spider-Man's stupid BND world f'ed up Juggernaut. Way to go, Spider-Man. F%&* you.

Franken-Castle #18

Is it okay to call this stupid after a couple months have passed (only a month?)? Because it is. Frankenstein's monster mixed with Punisher? Stupid. Just stupid.

Secret Warriors #17

I've heard good things about the series, but I honestly don't care. Fury isn't the most interesting character to me, and from what I can tell, it's Fury doing stuff and being Fury. Oh, and there's other characters, the only ones I semi-care about being Phobos and Daisy. Meh.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #4

Just that title is horrible. Ultimate Comics XYZ is a stupid way to differentiate from the Ultimate line from before. It's the exact same things with Comics in between which distracts. Regardless, I've talked with friends in San Francisco about the state of the Ultimate universe, and there is agreement that there is no Ultimate universe after Ultimatum. So, f%&* the "Ultimate" series that are coming out.

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