Monday, April 5, 2010


Outside, on my way to class, I felt a few drops of rain from above. By a few, I mean barely any. They existed. You could see them on the ground. They weren't plentiful, though. There were only a couple. Still, the problem with that is that the sun was also in my eyes.

Damn it, nature! Stop being hypocritical! If it's sunny, it isn't supposed to rain. If it rains, it isn't supposed to be sunny. Let us say that S(sky) means the sky is sunny and R(sky) means the sky is raining.
S(sky) → ¬R(sky)
R(sky) → ¬S(sky)

Now, it is sunny and rainy
S(sky) ∧ R(sky)

This leads to a contradiction
S(sky) [∧ Elim]
R(sky) [∧ Elim]
¬R(sky) [→ Elim]
⊥ [⊥ Intro]

Therefore, nature just produced a contradiction. DAMN YOU, NATURE!

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