Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kick-Ass revisited

Because of not being in a city with a movie theater within easy reach I have to really plan my trips to the movies. That means that since I have classes tomorrow and two pre-release tournaments for M:TG Rise of the Eldrazi over the weekend, I probably won't see it until Wednesday, when I have no classes. Until then though, I am extremely nervous.

See, when they announced it, I was kind of unsure, but as it got closer and closer, and they released the first trailer, I was blown away. Everything I've seen and heard has been ridiculously positive and therefore I am really nervous. Kick-Ass was the bloodiest comic I have ever read and one of the most amazing, and also one of the best to adapt to a movie, just because there aren't super powers to do CGI with and you don't need tons of continuity to make it good and make sense. The costumes are a little annoying since they are different (except for Kick-Ass's costume, but it doesn't bother me as much as it normally would, maybe because the costume is actually really insignificant for the characters as opposed to Spider-Man where it is essential (and arguably the X-Men, where the leather was the thing I hated most about the first two movies). Big Daddy doesn't have all of the fame in being in the costume he was in in the comics. He was in a different costume, but for under 8 issues (more like 4 or 5 or something, right?), so it isn't as iconic for him. Kick-Ass's costume is slightly, but everybody else's is just some costume. Also, and slight spoiler alert if you haven't read the comic, I am annoyed by them having Red Mist displayed as one of the four main heroes. Watch the movie or read the comic to understand why.

The thing is, that my expectations for this are absurdly high. Just absolutely absurdly high. The trailers are awesome, the small scenes look awesome, it seems to have the feel of the comic and all the reviews even before it was officially screened for people were amazing. I haven't found bad press for it, which means that my expectations are not just through the roof, but jutting off into space and approaching the moon. If the movie isn't the greatest thing ever, then with those expectations, I am setting myself up for major disappointment.

Fortunately though, I have friends who understand. My friend knows how bad expectations can be and so helped me by letting me know the entire movie is just 2 hours of a chicken walking around in circles. Nothing else, just two hours of a chicken walking around in circles. With that in mind, I think I'm good.

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