Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comics I'm getting on 4/27

Taking a cue from dclebeau at read/RANT!, I am going to list the comics I'm getting today, along with comics I just don't feel like getting. The more observant of you out there might notice I only list Marvel comics here. That is because the only non-Marvel I currently read are Secret Six (in volumes) and Invincible (in volumes). I don't know enough of what is going on in DC or anything else, nor do I care. With that said, here we go!

Deadpool #22
Wow, what a surprise! Pi likes Deadpool comics! Anyway, Way has done a decent job of writing Deadpool in the series. There was some stuff that wasn't as good, some stuff that was better. The artist makes a difference with Way, since his writing is just barely there, the artist makes a big difference. Huat hasn't done a whole lot, and I've only seen the issue he did of Vengeance of the Moon Knight with Deadpool in it (surprise!). The art was okay in that issue, with the biggest complaint being poor glare. There was a lot of lens flare off of people that was awkwardly done. Oh, well, hopefully this'll be good.

Mighty Avengers #36
So far, the Mighty Avengers series post Secret Invasion, with Pym leading the way, has been shaky. The Siege tie-in so far hasn't really had much in the way of Siege. The Mighty Avengers showed up in the Thunderbolts tie-in to fight them there, and that was somewhat interesting. Pym just annoys me sometimes. He can be a genius, he can do amazing things, but sometimes he just annoys me. Hopefully, Pym can outsmart Ultron (geez, Ultron vs Pym, what a refreshing concept), and hopefully, the Siege part won't just be the same stuff that Thunderbolts went through before.

New Avengers #64
The New Avengers Siege stuff on the other hand has been pretty darn good. It is right in the middle of Siege, with Captain America (who I find cool to be back in his fighting to reclaim Marvel for heroes, who better?) vs Norman and craziness. I like Bendis personally, and New Avengers has always been good for me. Mckone's art is something I am fond of, so more of it is always a good thing. The book looks interesting and hopefully they won't kill Mockingbird off (I mean, she just freaking got back in Secret Invasion).

Thunderbolts #143
Thunderbolts was one of my favorite comics in the Avengers Disassembled days, and got slightly worse as time went on leading up to Civil War. Post Civil War, in the "villains who don't want to be heroes but will be punished if they don't act like them in public" stuff, it got really good up through Secret Invasion. Post Secret Invasion, though, it's been awkward. They are supposed to be an elite black ops team, and they've succeeded something like only one time, to prove to Obama that Osborn is the right guy to head security. Other than that, though, they've sucked as a team and it just is an awkward team that doesn't seem to work. The Siege stuff is fighting the Mighty Avengers, as mentioned above. It's been more of the same, so meh.

World War Hulks: Hulked Out Heroes #2
For me, my second Deadpool comic of 5 comics this week, bringing the total in the month up to 9 Deadpool comics. He's totally overexposed, I know, but this has been at the very least amusing. It isn't the best written or most thought out comic, and Loeb is an idiot (Deadpool was in Hulk before and is part of this because of that, taking a $30,000 job when it has been stated he's taken $1,000,000 jobs and doesn't like doing stuff much less than that). Still, Hulkpool is am amusing character, if not a good one, and the time stuff here is silly, which is how all time stuff should be (but often isn't, sigh...).

Comics I'm avoiding:

Marvel Zombies 5 #2
I read through Marvel Zombies 4. That was enough. I enjoyed the first series, and where they first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four. Marvel Zombies 2 was going somewhat too far. Marvel Zombies 3 was just awkward and weird. Marvel Zombies 4 was even worse. I really loved Marvel Zombies. I even have a Marvel Zombies poster on my wall (a zombified version of the 1990 reboot of X-Men #1 cover, thank you Amy). I only read 4 because Headpool was in it, and the series should honestly have quit after Marvel Zombies.

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #1
For me, the Ultimate universe started to die out with Ultimates 3, and was dead to me by Ultimatum. Calling them the Avengers seems somewhat like forcing the name at this point. They were the Ultimates, based off of the Avengers, true, but they weren't the Avengers. Calling them the Avengers seems awkward. Oh, but it's some black ops team? With Ultimate Punisher, who just is basically a sucky version of Punisher (because he keeps getting freaking caught and locked up, unlike the 616 Frank)? Oh boy! /sarcasm

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