Thursday, January 29, 2009


I finally got this issue. I don't appreciate that I had to get the 3rd printing of it, but I slightly understand. People are interested in Obama in general, so anything with him is going to do well. When it is Spidey and Obama, it is going to do well. Unfortunately, a lot of people are interested in it only as a collector's item. That means that poor me had to wait for a longer time. Boo hoo. Oh, well.

The actual story was interesting. It was a one-shot about Betty Brant, narrated by her. Thank Deadpool it was a one-shot, since 584 came out last week. It really has little to no significance on the plot as a whole, but it does exist, and it is relevant and fun. Betty talks about how she is a friend with Peter Parker, who isn't always dependable. She is looking forward to the end of the week, when her birthday is, and she can hang out with a whole bunch of her friends. Peter seems to be organizing a party, talking to his aunt, Robbie, Harry Osborn, etc, while in Betty's company. When the time comes, though, all that happens is that Peter shows up with take-out and a movie. Apparently, her staying at the DB! means that everybody doesn't like her. For example, Aunt May doesn't like her as she had to write a damning article about F.E.A.S.T. Robbie doesn't like her because when he quit, and took a whole bunch of people with him, she was the only major person who stayed. Peter had to defend her in front of everybody, and convinced her that while she may not be liked now, she will later. It was a nice story, and I did enjoy it. It was amusing. As I said, the story wasn't important to the main storyline in ASM, but it was still fun. There is also a short back-up story about Obama, where Peter is a photographer at Obama's inauguration. When a limo crashes and Obama pops out, people are confused by there being two Obamas. Eventually, the Chameleon is revealed to know nothing about Obama, and he is taken out by Spidey. Obama and Spidey shake hands, and Obama goes on to not mess up the oath (meaning this is completely and utterly a different universe, ha ha). It was cute, with good art, and amusing. All in all, this was an okay one-shot issue that I really don't think needed to be part of ASM, which literally could have been a one-shot. I would have preferred that, as I wouldn't have gotten it. I thought it might be important, but it wasn't. At the price, I still don't know if it was worth it, but whatever. I got it, and I enjoyed it.

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