Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan is a rhythm game. It was only made in Japan, and is completely in Japanese. The game was the basis for Elite Beat Agents, which was basically a more Western version of Ouendan for a more Western playerbase. For my birthday, I got Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, and it is incredibly fun. I haven't really played a crazier game, aside from EBA. Ouendan is crazier only because I can't understand what is going on in Ouendan (to an extent). Scenes are just as crazy (which is impressive), with there still being a scene where some random guy fights a giant monster, an animal needs help, somebody from ancient times wants somebody to fall in love with them, there is a scene where something is sad and it takes out the usual sounds and replaces them with softer ones and there isn't yelling. But, being in Japanese, I can't understand what they are saying, so there are some things I just won't get. Still, it is an amazing game that you really don't need to know the language to play. I wouldn't want to play an in-depth RPG in another language that I don't know. But a rhythm game is fine, as you only have different beats you want to hit at times with the beat of the song, which you can listen to right there. It is somewhat more difficult, I'd say that the easiest level of Ouendan is harder than the easiest in EBA, but it is still loads of fun, even when the game makes you work harder, when it doesn't actually fit with the beat of the song. I don't really know what else to add. I haven't quite completed it yet, but it isn't a game that you just want to beat every level. It is a game that has an immense replay value, which is almost more important than unlocking all the songs on each difficulty. As much as I loved EBA, I love Ouendan. It is an insanely good game. If you liked EBA, then I reccomend the Ouendan series, which works on any DS (no region protection), and works exactly the same, just with different songs, in a language you may not know (I didn't).

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