Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hulk Vs.

The last part of my birthday extravaganza is the Hulk Vs. DVD. There are two movies on it, Hulk Vs. Thor and Hulk Vs. Wolverine, both 45 minute movies, or so, along with small behind the scenes of the movies.

Hulk Vs. Thor was brand new to me. The basic premise is this: Every year, Odin has to recharge his powers by entering the Odinsleep for a week or so. During that time, the trolls, the frost giants, the fire giants, etc, all try to attack Asgard (as Odin is resting) and the gods, including Thor, are able to repel them. Trying to break the cycle, Loki gets the Hulk, separates Banner from the Hulk, takes over the Hulk's body and rampages into Asgard, taking out Fandral, Hogun and Volstagg, and Balder, before taking on Thor, who he fights to a standstill until he loses control and the Hulk defeats Thor, almost killing him, before eventually going after Odin. Eventually, Thor and Loki team up, along with Banner and Loki's daughter, Hela, in order to rejoin the Hulk with Banner, before sending them back to Midgard. The story is okay, although I do have problems with it. As much as I like Hulk, I have never thought that he should be able to take out Thor if Thor was really trying. Even more, I don't think that he should be able to fight off magic as much as he did, especially if you think outside the box. Characters there, such as Amora (the Enchantress) should be able to just teleport Hulk out into space. Even if you can't defeat him physically, you can still beat him. Drax, with the Power Gem, wasn't able to be beaten physically, because he could subconsciously call upon the Gem to give him unlimited power. Still, he was taken down a whole bunch. Sometimes telepathically, sometimes through other methods, but he wasn't unbeatable like Hulk was in the movie. Oh, well. It was still good, just not as good as I think it could have been.

Hulk Vs. Wolverine, on the other hand, has been perfect each of the three times I have watched it. I don't know how it is still perfect, but it is. I keep expecting to not be as impressed, and I keep failing. It starts with Wolverine saying how he's the best at what he does, then waking up, bloodied, wondering what happened, Hulk landing, then him remembering. Wolverine was called in as part of Department H in order to try and stop the Hulk, who had rampaged through a small town in Canada. He catches up to the Hulk eventually (although the chase isn't too long or short, it is a perfect amount of time), although finds Banner there. After realizing Banner has something to do with the Hulk, he threatens Banner, who knocks him away before turning into the Hulk, punching Wolverine high into the air, and we get to where Wolverine was at the beginning. They fight for a little while before eventually, each wears the other out through smacking each other around a lot, before being taken out by tranq darts, shot by Weapon X, consisting of Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red and Deadpool (who is hilarious throughout). We see Wolverine's origin at Weapon X, with them putting the adamantium into him, before he wakes up and Professor Thornton tells him of his plan on wiping the Hulk's mind, turning him into a weapon like Wolverine before. Lady Deathstrike tries to kill him, but accidentally lets him loose and he frees Banner, and fights off Weapon X, with the Hulk eventually coming out and talking about smashing the "claw people" and he rampages through the Weapon X members (inlcuding great Deadpool and Lady Deathstrike fights) before tearing down the Weapon X facility, ending with Wolverine and Hulk going at it again. Well, after the credits, you get Deadpool exiting the broken facility, completely happy and declaring how happy he is that he is alive before Hulk lands on him, jumping off again. There is a lot more fighitng in this, or so it seems a least, and the fighting is awesome. You have Hulk and Wolverine fighting to a standstill, and lots of other fighting that is awesome. Without Deadpool, it would still be amazing, but Deadpool makes it perfect. Without Deadpool, there isn't much humor, but there is still some. Sabretooth's fear as Hulk rushes him is funny. Deathstrike and Hulk yell at each other and it is funny. But overall, it is a lot of fighting. Deadpool's involvement makes it a lot of fighting with a lot of humor. The making-of documentary was amusing, mostly because when people talked about Hulk Vs. Wolverine, they'd mention Hulk and Wolverine, then mention Deadpool. Hulk was designed a certain way, Wolverine was designed a certain way and Deadpool was designed in a certain way. Wolverine was voiced by Steve Blum, who talks about it, Hulk was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, who talks about it and Deadpool was voiced by Nolan North, who talks about it. He was the third character out of the two main characters in Hulk Vs. Wolverine, which I found awesome. North voiced him perfectly, and their discussion of including Deadpool and how they did it made me believe that they want to use Deadpool in the future, which would be awesome.

To sum up, Hulk Vs. is amazing. Hulk Vs. Thor is slightly disappointing from a Thor perspective, and slightly silly from a Hulk perspective, although not bad. Hulk Vs. Wolverine is utterly and completely perfect and Deadpool is genius in it. So, get it, if only for Deadpool.

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