Sunday, February 15, 2009

Supreme Commander

Supreme Commander is an RTS (Real Time Strategy game) taking place in the future, where there is the UEF, Earth's forces, all in one team, the Cybran, cyborgs that Earth used, but that now want their freedom, and the Aeon, humans who followed some aliens, and are trying to preach their god onto everyone. In fighting, what they do is send a commander to the place where they do battle, and the commander build factories and power plants, so that you can build your army up. There is a campaign mode where you can play through as a commander working for one of the three races, or there is the multiplayer/skirmish mode, where you and however many opponents just build up armies, then crash them into each other. I've never been a huge fan of RTS's, with the only one I've really owned being Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, which came out slightly after Episode 1 and that I got when I became Bar Mitzvah (and thus spent lots of time playing it with my cousin who was in town for my becoming Bar Mitzvah), which I never played multiplayer, because I knew I'd lose horribly. I'm not a good leader. I can't form strategies well. I just can't do it, it isn't something I am good at. I can accept that, though. With SC, though, everybody in my suite at school is playing, and so I can play with people I actually know. I've only ever won in these, when I am part of a team, where people are all attacking my ally who is good, and I have time to build up nukes and nuke them to kingdom come. The game itself is okay, although since I am not good at RTS's, somewhat tedious and annoying at times. The thing that makes the game cool, in my opinion, is that the graphics are really good. When you build things, most of the time, you will see your ships as triangles, your engineers as diamonds and your buildings as squares. It is easier to manage from a higher ground, just looking in on them from far away, but the detail in the graphics, when you zoom in is amazing. Each unit is amazing to look at, and everything looks really good. The only downside is you really don't look at it ever, because of how the game works. All in all, it is fun, and I enjoy playing it, but I think more races and more differences in races would have been interesting. For example, in SW:GB, you could play as the Trade Federation, who lacked certain things (like repeater troopers), but also didn't force you to build housing (which was a pain for the others), as they are droids. The Empire was awesome for its AT-AT's that were powerful and awesome. Each race was different, and while somewhat similar (land factory, power plant, etc), the choices were often different and fun. In SC, everything seems the same. The main differences are the Experimentals, which are beyond tech 3 (the highest tech) which are all unique, and the commanders, who I believe get different upgrades. Still, all those things are expensive, so for the most part, it is people runnign tanks at each other, or sending bombers and interceptors at each other, while shooting the others down with SAM's. Fun, but lacking in differences, and as an RTS, not my favorite type of game. Still, it is fun, although mostly for playing with people I know (and nuking their bases, then laughing).

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