Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So confused...


Okay, I have asked people multiple times to respond if they actually read this. And I know that some people do. But when nobody responds, I get confused. Most of the time, I feel I am doing this all for myself. I enjoy ranting, and the internet is a great place to let loose. Still, though, I get very confused. Apparently, some people do read this, letting me know through other things that they do, but they aren't able to respond to me. Maybe...

My AIM is DeadpoolSkrll. If you want to mention to me in private (not in public on the internet where everyone can see) that you read it, I'd appreciate it. In general, I want to know who's actually reading this. My counter at the bottom keeps going up, so I know people have read this to some extent. I just want to know what extent.


Amy said...


...read your blog, I mean.

I see you have IM now. Pretty fancy. I don't want to say what my screen name is in public, but it's the same as my e-mail address (minus the @aol.com part, of course). And here is a list of things you can talk about in your blog, should you run out of topics:

1. The wonder that is icy rain.
2. The Doppelganger effect
3. Iron Man: Threat or menace?
4. Why Santa doesn't come to my house.
5. Who would win in a fight: Grant Morrison or Jeph Loeb?

Enjoy the rest of your break!

Anonymous said...

I lurk, therefore I am.

blues686 said...

i check out you blog a few times a week to see if you updated..

keep writting man! i love a good vs read

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