Monday, January 5, 2009

Grant Morrison

Okay, this isn't something you should expect all the time, but I feel I have to say this.

I don't really like Grant Morrison all that much. Sure, I haven't read a lot by him, but what I have isn't near the top of my list of favorites. The first volume of JLA is something my cousin had, and I eventually got from Green Apple for 2 bucks or something. It is amusing, but I don't really like the art and I think that how it's done is kind of stupid. In reality, Batman isn't God. The closest is Superman. Somehow, it is Batman who saves the day. He is able to take out a whole bunch of Martians, when nobody else is able to take out any. It was pretty stupid. Amusing, but stupid. New X-Men. Ah, New X-Men. I haven't read it fully, but from what I have read, I have disliked it. First off, the costumes are stupid. Leather doesn't work for the X-Men. Weapon Plus is pretty lame, and I hate how they made Wolverine's program X as in 10, as opposed to X as in X-Men, X-Gene, Xavier and everything else is stood for. Fantomex is amusing, but stupid. Magneto isn't Magneto (okay, so it was Kick/Sublime influencing him, but that was stupid also).

Here's what I don't like about Grant Morrison that Jeph Loeb also does. They both write whatever story they want to, without any regard for continuity. Let's make the X-Men wear leather. Let's make Magneto a mass murderer without compassion. Let's throw in a stupid reason for why he became a murderer. Let's give Professor X a twin sister he tried to kill in the womb. One of my friends really likes the last New X-Men volume, Here Comes Tomorrow, and he got it for me for Hannukah/Christmas/holidays. I read it, and it was fun. The thing that made it work was that it had nothing to do with the X-Men. Sure, you have tiny amounts of continuity, but for the most part, it is him doing whatever he wants. It is amusing and fun, although kind of stupid. Still, the reason it almost works is that it has nothing to do with the X-Men. Sure, you got Wolverine, Jean Grey and Beast, but really, this is a silly alternate future. It is fun, and that's about it. Morrison fucked up continuity so bad that Marvel had to pull a full 180 and retcon most of what he did. The leather vanished, Magneto was actually Xorn pretending to be Magneto, etc. If Grant Morrison wrote his own universe, I'm sure it'd be okay, but as he is writing in Marvel and DC, I hate his blatant disregard for other peoples' work.

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Pi_3.14159... said...

brucecastle: Morrison loves continuity. That’s demonstrated in a lot of his work like All-Star Superman. FYI, he read just about every Superman comic ever to prepare for it. Even Superman vs. Muhammed Ali! :)

Okay. He might read it. He might know it. He might reference it. But, he doesn't respect it. From what I've read, he just throws his own things in there and disregards what came before. You might get references to past things, and I like references, but I prefer when there is actual continuity. If he does something like Here Comes Tomorrow or All-Star Superman, he has free reign to do whatever he wants, and he can disregard continuity as much as he wants. I've pretty much read Planet X. It doesn't make any sense to me. None. Magneto doesn't act like Magneto. The X-Men don't act like the X-Men. It just doesn't work that well. Sure, there is explanations, such as Sublime being in the Kick that Magneto had, thus influencing his behavior, but that was even retconned because Marvel felt it was so out of character for Magneto.

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