Friday, August 29, 2008

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Well, I have to admit, I was nervous about this game. It reminds me of Metroid Prime. Let me start at the beginning.

I got an SNES emulator and played a bunch of different SNES games. The most fun, by far, was Super Metroid. So much so that I attempted to play Metroid (for NES) and Metroid 2 (for Game Boy). Both weren't as successful. Metroid is too convoluted with nothing to give it. You don't ever know where you are. A map is ridiculously useful in Metroid games. Metroid 2 was just kind of sad to me. Spider Ball is so broken in that. Super Metroid is one of my favorite games ever, though. It is so much fun. When Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime were coming out, I was interested in Fusion, but not in Prime. See, I don't like first person shooters. I just don't. My friends have gotten me to play games like Halo (different versions of it) or Call of Duty or some other stuff, and I just don't enjoy them. So I was very against the idea of a Metroid 1st person shooter. Eventually, I beat Metroid Fusion (on a GBA emulator), and bought and beat Metroid: Zero Mission on my GBA. Before Zero Mission, though, my friend bought Metroid Prime and played it, then exclaimed how great it was to me. I was wary, given my dislike for 1st person shooters, but tried it out, and was captivated. See, it really isn't a 1st person shooter. Like all the Metroid games, you have your arm cannon and you shoot stuff, but it isn't a 1st person shooter. It is an action adventure game where you just happen to be in 1st person and shooting things. Metroid Prime, I have played a ridiculous amount of times now, mostly because it really is amazing. So, I was also really excited for Metroid Prime 2, which I thought was much better. They fixed some stuff and added new and exciting concepts (such as using the Boost Ball on Spider Ball tracks) and items (Screw Attack? Hell, yeah!).

Metroid Prime 3. Well, aside from really wanting a Wii anyway, this was a game I was nervous about. How were the controls going to work now, with the Wii remote? Pointing at the screen and shooting? I don't know...

The game is awesome. The game is a lot of fun. Now, the controls are a little difficult to pin down, but once you get used to them, it feels very natural controlling Samus. Shooting is a lot more fun now. You can point and shoot stuff, as opposed to before, where you just shot one place (most of the time) and moved around it. Like Prime 2, there are new things. One of my favorite concepts is that they used each one of the different beams from Prime (Wave, Plasma and Ice) as a different idea (Grapple Beam can absorb or send out electricity, Plasma Beam and Ice Missiles). Now, with ice missiles, it makes it a lot harder to take on Metroids, as you can't freeze them and then missile them (as the freezing is the missile), but I enjoy them anyway. The game is a lot of fun and has a lot of stuff to offer. The voices are interesting and you get to see lots of great new planets. I really like Rundas, and think it is sad you have to kick his ass. Oh, and you really grow to like your ship. You fly everywhere in that game. And I mean everywhere. To get to a new planet? Fly. To get to a new part on a planet? Probably fly. Which means I was actually concerned for my ship when Ghor attacked it. He always was kind of a jerk, but I was able to at least not despise him until he went crazy and Phazon possessed. So, if you have played Metroid Prime games, you know about Phazon. Getting a Phazon powered suit? Not the idea I wanted to use. Oh, geez. How can we make this more awkward, Samus? Let's use Phazon! I mean, Phazon is the new Metroid in the Prime trilogy. In Metroid games, the Space Pirates want to use Metroids to take over the universe, given what they do and how. In the Prime games, it is pretty much with Phazon instead. Sure, you face a bunch of Metroids also, but... you get the point. And like how they wanted to harness Metroids for good, they wanted to harness Phazon for good. Both failed miserably, with the latter actually causing a lot more harm than good. Still, it did feel good using the Phazon, becase of how ridiculously powerful you become. Still, my other complaint (other than hard to grasp controls, at first), is that it is too short. There is a lot, but it feels like the game goes by too quickly. Still, an amazing game and well deserving.

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