Monday, August 25, 2008

Marvel vs Capcom 2

Okay, people. This is my favorite game of all time. Ever. Not just fighting, not just arcade, not just Marvel, but favorite game ever. Metroid Prime games? All great, but not as fun. Super Smash Bros. games? Again, awesome, but not as fun. I don't know the first time I played, but the most memorable was in Las Vegas. See, as New York, New York they have an arcade. One of the games there was Marvel vs Capcom 2. I believe I had played prior, but I don't remember it as well. My parents went off to gamble (not a lot, on nickel machines about 10 bucks total or so), and they gave me a small bucket of quarters for the arcade. Of course, I only needed them for one game, Marvel vs Capcom 2. Which took me a while to beat, but with a team including Thanos, Juggernaut and I believe Doom or Hulk, I was able to defeat Abyss and was victorious. It was awesome. I loved that game from then on. I am not the greatest at it, considering I have never owned it or have been near enough to an arcade that actually has it, but I do some cheap moves (not Air Hyper Viper Beam stuff, just spamming Mega Man's buster or Blackheart's minion attacks), and have lots of fun.
My roommate in college for this year has a Dreamcast and has Marvel vs Capcom 2. I always knew this was pretty much my favorite game ever, but like other things, I never remembered how much fun it actually was. Now that I actually know how to play (doing the attacks I like and being able to attack with some of my attacks), I was able to defeat the game on the default mode with Blackheart, Mega Man and Shuma Gorath, only losing Mega Man during my final fight and never using Shuma Gorath (aside from combos), getting twice the score on the system currently (which I had gotten slightly earlier with beating the game with 1+ continues). Man, I love this game.
One of the things about other games like Marvel Ultimate Alliance and the X-Men Legends games that bugs me, character power levels, doesn't matter as much to me in this for whatever reason. Basically, I don't think that Thor and Moon Knight both should be able to knock down the same stuff with almost the same amount of ease. There are different power levels, sure, such as Thor being stronger, but if you look at it, if you do nothing, a random SHIELD agent will eventually take down Thor, whereas Moon Knight can definitely kick Loki's ass by himself, given enough time and a good enough player. Yeah, that makes sense. Still, I don't care in this game. I give myself Blackheart and Shuma Gorath (both really, really powerful) and yet I lose to Sakura and Dan. Still, I don't really care enough. I love just playing as all these different heroes and villains, and with the game balanced as it is, sure some characters are more powerful, especially if you know how to use them, but for the most part, everybody is pretty equal (Okay, so Roll is a weaker Mega Man, whatever). Maybe it's the pixelated characters that remind me this is just a video game that has no actual rules with the characters, as opposed to looking a lot like the characters with smoother characters that aren't that pixelated. It just is fun.

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