Thursday, August 21, 2008

Comics for 8/20

Well, here are the covers, review later:

Haven't done this in a while, so if you are reading for the first time, be warned that I always assume you have read the comic or at least don't care about spoilers.

Captain America 41

Basic Plot: As the Red Skull's plans come to fruition (around Albany, which I just flew into last night), things go haywire.

I already mentioned this on read/RANT in a comment in Billy's review of Cap, but that last page was awesome. In fact, it is very cool. Bucky hasn't really felt like Cap to me, even now, but that pushed him just enough further that I feel like he actually could be the new Captain America. He just has the presence that Steve had, and I believe that he should be Cap. Anyway, the story itself was pretty cool, and I like where all of this is going. I think this was one of my favorite Cap stories just because everything fit so perfectly and well.

Amazing Spider-Man 568

Basic Plot: Still, down on his luck, Pete sells his photos to Front Line, while Norman Osborn prepares...

Okay, remember how I said that Cap had one of my favorite last pages. Well, this blew it away for me. Out of all of Spidey's enemies, my favorite is the Green Goblin. He is the one who has done more to Pete than anyone. Not only are all of the things he did (first to know Spidey's secret, was behind Mayday's death, killed Gwen Stacy) his own, but you can also give credit to every single Goblin enemy, which would be multiple Hobgoblins, Demogoblin, Hobgoblin 2211, and all of the other Green Goblins, including Harry, his best friend, who made Pete believe his parents were alive with robots, and man, just ruined everything. Still, Norman's insanity led to Harry's insanity. So I love the Thunderbolts as they are now, with Norman running a team of "superheroes." I always wondered, when they had BND, what became of Norman's memories. So, nobody was supposed to remember, right? Well, before MJ met Peter for the first time (we had seen parts of her, but never her face), in issue 39, the Green Goblin had caught Pete and knew his identity. Sure, he kept forgetting and remembering, forgetting and remembering, but he knew before Peter and MJ even met. So did Mephisto even affect something that happened before they met, let alone get married? I don't think so, but we'll see. Oh man, the Thunderbolts have come for Spider-Man. Norman is so crazy, but awesome.

X-Factor 34

Basic Plot: The holy Skrull-guy fights X-Factor and She-Hulk.

Why She-Hulk and X-Factor? Seriously? I guess they kind of explained why both work, but honestly, I don't see it that well. Sure, the Skrull guy was after Darwin because he believes that Darwin could be a key to helping unlock humankind's potential. And sure, She-Hulk works with a Skrull that could sense him. But Crusader couldn't? Because he also could have done stuff. Still, this was written better than the first part (not as good as the second part), but the art is still puke-provoking, and while I accept this story, I still don't like it all that much. Still, they took him out, which was pretty cool. Major hit to the Skrull nads, unfortunately. Come on, Skrulls! Rally and win! (Revealed Invasion Plans, damn, not into my hand).

Incredible Hercules 120

Basic Plot: Herc and the God Squad take on the Skrull gods.

Remember how I said there was a huge blow to the Skrull nads? Well, this was even bigger. Herc and friends won. Which is kind of cool, but what now? They just took out the Skrull gods, you know, the reason that the Skrulls have this massive invasion? I mean, come on! That is kind of sad. I wanted a draw, because otherwise, I feel it is stupid if Herc loses in his own book (although a draw would be almost a loss anyways), and I feel it is stupid if Herc beats the Skrull gods, the whole reason for the invasion. Well, at least Mikaboshi is going to lead them. Kind of. Ish. Sigh... Still pretty cool, but oh well.

Guardians of the Galaxy 4

Basic Plot: Nobody trusts anybody on Knowhere.

That was confusing. Okay, let's try that again. In Knowhere, everybody is suspicious of everybody else, mostly people being suspicious of the Guardians. Which is understandable. And they finally explained why everybody is working as a team. Mantis, why? Why did you brainwash such powerful people. Even just a tiny bit. You know that if Drax ever found out, he'd probably go crazy and... Ooohh, I like this final page too! Drax is awesome and I think he's about to go off and kill some people. Sweet!

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