Thursday, August 28, 2008

ASM Review

Okay, so this is kind of a general thing, but whatever. This is not about a specific issue, but recent Spider-Man as a whole.

One More Day was going so well. I like Quesada's art and was liking everything. It was pretty damn cool. Then, it was ruined. I have said it before, but will say it again. That was bullshit. Making a deal with the devil? Okay, so he isn't actually the biblical devil, but he is pretty much the devil for most of the Marvel Universe, considering what he does, what his powers are and where he does all this. Plus, he goes by Mephistopholes, which is a common name for the devil. Anyway, Spidey has had run-ins with him before. Also, he has teamed up with various Ghost Riders multiple times and has also met with other people. Back in Black was pretty cool in ASM, but there was one story in Sensational that was awesome. Basically, God goes to Peter and tells him what a wonderful job he's doing and that he needs to be Spider-Man and blah, blah, blah. God tells him he has been doing the right thing. Very next Sensational issue (also the last, but whatever)? Meeting with Mephisto to talk about saving his aunt. Wait, so after God tells him he is doing a good job, he ruins it by agreeing with Mephisto? Oy. Also, he is supposed to be smart and he hasn't been shown as smart in that. Aunt May should have died. I like the character, but she should have died. She's died before, and he's gotten over it. Sure, it was his fault, kind of, but really, he shouldn't blame himself as much as he did. Stupid OMD...

Brand New Day started off okay. Basically, it wasn't all that great, but wasn't bad. Considering what they did with Spidey, I was pretty much expecting something awesome or I was going to be disappointed. Eventually, I realized that BND wasn't just outright bad, but it took me some time. See, the thing about BND is that it is confusing as hell. Each month is a different writer and artist from the previous month for a 3-issue storyline. Some of the stories are good, and some of the art is good. Some isn't. All in all, it is confusing to me, as I can see very big differences in the writing styles, and definitely the art styles. There were some good storylines that were fun. There were also freakishly horrible storylines (yes, Freak, man, that sucked). Still, I do have to say that the goods didn't quite outweigh the bads. The good stuff was often ruined by the bad stuff, or characters didn't act right the next issue, and then a couple issues later, act completely differently again. 3 issues per month? Fine. Just have more consistency. Maybe have a story take 2 months, and not shove everything into a single month. I personally liked multiple titles, and liked FNSM and Sensational. With what they are doing, it feels too rushed and too much. To follow Spidey, you have to pick up 3 issues a month, as opposed to picking up 1-3 every month, following different storylines. Personally, though, I think that they just wanted more issues of ASM so that ASM could pass FF in number of issues. Sure, there have been a lot more Spidey issues than FF issues, considering the number of titles he has had and how long they went, but ASM started after FF, and got close to FF (which started 1+ years before ASM) with 2 per month stuff, but kicked it into overdrive and passed FF as the Marvel title with the most issues. Okay, so I don't think that was the reason, but it is kind of amusing.

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