Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MEV Preview: Extended Monologue

First off, let me say this. WOOHOO! I do like the Exiles, and was happy to get a preview for them, but honestly, considering my love of Deadpool (it goes most of my family, a couple friends, Deadpool, Kl'rt, the rest of my family, the rest of my friends, then everybody else in terms of affection), I was very disappointed. Seeing as how people did get multiple cards, though, I was filled with hope. I remember saying TBS was going to give previews the Wednesday before the week of, which made me nervous when Wednesday and Thursday of last week passed with nothing. But, I have my Deadpool preview. And out of the cards he got (that are being previewed this week, I have to say it is my favorite.

Okay, so some background. Nobody, including Deadpool, really knows much about his history. The writers also disagree. What is clear is that he currently calls himself Wade Wilson, and he was a mercenary. He applied to Weapon X because he had cancer. They decided to help by giving him a healing factor. The healing factor kept the cancer in check, but being as powerful as it was, he lost his mind in the process. He might not have fully been there to begin with, but he went even crazier after this. It also messed up his body, by making it hideously scarred. He can't heal the scars, but otherwise, has a healing factor that is up there with Wolverine and Hulk in terms of strength. Afterwards, he broke out, after taking the name Deadpool, based on the dead pool they had going in the facility. He then has clashed with Cable and X-Force, while working for the mysterious Tolliver, but eventally started to just do his own thing. For a while, he actually somewhat merged with Cable, and Cable got some healing factor, while Deadpool got to Bodyslide. There was a lot of craziness. Eventually, though, Cable died, and Deadpool did his own thing for a while. Recently, he has been hired by Nick Fury to infiltrate a Skrull camp and get files for him.

What about Deadpool? Well, as I said, he has a healing factor. He also is proficient with swords, and uses many different guns. He isn't a perfect marksman, but is still a good shot. His main weapon though, is his tounge. By taunting enemies and prattling on and on, he annoys his enemies, and they get sloppy, and fight poorly. He also knows that he exists a comic book, being one of the few characters who can break the fourth wall and talk to the readers. He uses his fighting skills and insanity to be one of the more effective fighters in Marvel.

Now, about the card. Well, as I said, he talks to the readers. At the start of issues of Cable & Deadpool, he started doing recap pages, where he, or others, would explain the series and what happened before to the readers. It was very amusing. When talking to opponents, he also would prattle on, like I said, and annoy people. That is exactly what this card does. While Deadpool's out there, he's constantly badgering your opponent so that the opponents can only go after him, as he is the most annoying.

The card, by itself, doesn't really do anything. There really isn't a killer combo you can get by combining this with something else. Still, it is one of those cards that is awesome to have. People praise Pathetic Attempt for it being able to stop targeting effect from hitting you or cards you control. This basically stops them pre-emptively from hitting your other characters or you. Being an ongoing plot twist, it also does it permanently, meaning that as long as you control Deadpool, your other guys can't be affected by any targeting ability. There are many things that target players and characters, and this stops them all in their tracks. It reminds me of a combination of Mutant of the Year and Star of the Show(which the card itself references in the flavor text), which if control Deadpool, basically makes it a reverse Star of the Show, plus the Mutant of the Year! 2 cards in one. When I faced X-Statix, my opponent using Star of the Show and Mutant of the Year was very annoying, as many of my effects proved to do nothing, so with Deadpool blathering on and on, I can imagine my opponents will get really annoyed as well, and like while fighting Deadpool, make lots of mistakes that I can then benefit from.

Being as it is November 4th, aka, the first Tuesday in November of an election year, go out and vote. I also feel this card is appropriate, as both candidates will make Extended Monologues, most likely. Vote. Show your support for whichever candidate you think deserves it.


Anonymous said...

The card makes it so that nothing BUT Deadpool can be targetted. You as a player, and characters that are NOT named Deadpool are protected. It makes sense, since Deadpool is goading the opponent into making him the only target.

Pi_3.14159... said...

Yay for misreading cards! I'll change the article

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