Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Amazing Spider-Man 578:

Basic Plot: Spidey tries to help people trapped underground.

Well, I like that we are getting back to basics in the Spidey-verse. We had the Thunderbolts, who already existed, starring the Green Goblin, Hammerhead, and now the Shocker. I personally love Herman Schultz. He doesn't really care about Spider-Man like other villains do. He is in it for the money. If it means he gets to destroy Spidey, then great. Otherwise, he doesn't care. He is strictly a criminal who wants money. I am loving the classics and I hope Spidey keeps heading in this direction towards classics. Freak was horrible, Jackpot annoying, Menace aggravating and the Bookie is just stupid.

Avengers/Invaders 6

Basic Plot: Torch tries to free the LMDs as the New Avengers try and find the source that brought the Invaders to 2008.

This is getting too odd for me. I don't know. When did S.H.I.E.L.D. start using LMD's for anything aside from ones that the Director uses to avoid assassination. I mean, there have been Nick Fury LMD's and then there were Maria Hill LMD's and people know LMD's, but when did the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents become LMD's. I always figured most of them were normal people (like Eric O'Grady a.k.a. Ant-Man and his friends). So, what, almost all the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are LMD's now. It doesn't make sense. Oh, and I can't really tell how Torch took out the Sentry. He gave him more power? What? The concept that the Invaders were brought there because many people wanted to see Cap again is cute, but I have no idea how they can make this last 6 more issues, unless it is with the stupid LMD stuff. Sigh...

Fantastic Four 561

Basic Plot: Susan (older) puts her plan into play.

I love Doom. Seriously. He is awesome. And Millar and Hitch are my favorite creative team ever (being behind Ultimates 2 and Ultimates), so this is great. This was a great end to the saga, although I think they have to wrap up. I love all of the things Hitch got to draw. I love the FF drawn by Hitch (in fact anything drawn by Hitch is amazing) and this was a great ending. Sure, it isn't Ultimates and not my favorite, but it is still very good. Doom is so bad-ass in this. Sure, he was forced to fuel the time machine, but afterwards, he kept his word. In the previosu issue, he had said "I will say this only once: Whoever orchestrated my kidnapping shall die tonight. So swears Victor Von Doom." He kept his promise and after Sue freed him and thanked him for the help in moving 8 billion people from the future to Nu-World, he fried her. Well, the Invisible Woman did die, just the future one, and not the present one. Oh, well. C'est las vie.

Thunderbolts 126

Basic Plot: Burning Down the House.

Okay, so the title to this arc (2 issues) is a fitting basic plot summary. In better terms, the team is disbanding. Maybe. Kind of. Well, let's put it like this: Penance was drugged and going to be locked in a maximum security mental institution. Norman said he was disbanding the team due to the "corruption" in the government from the Skrulls and co-conspirators. And thanks to Iron Man having to flee the fight fue to his power being low, the people saw Norman leading the way and people love him now. Radioactive Man is recalled back to China. Moonstone is running things in lieu of Norman being in Washington. Songbird is threatened by Bullseye who is going to kill her as part of Norman's instructions. Man, I love that cover too. The art is cool. The art inside not as much. I just don't like Torre. It feels too scratchy to me. Still, I hope Thunderbolts continues to be good.

Deadpool 4

Basic Plot: Needing money, Wade goes to get a job.

The good: It's Deadpool. He's still certainly crazy. He still has morals. He still is able to be bad-ass. Poison in a water bottle, marked "Poision: Extremely effective against chumps" (which could have been in his head, but nevertheless funny).
The bad: He gets taken down by people shooting him a lot in the chest. He gets taken down by the freakin' hunchback (albeit through the poisonous water bottle and taking instructions from the mysterious doctor).
It's Deadpool, and I love Deadpool. I also like Medina's art a lot. One thing I'm not as fond about is the portrayal of his face. Paco makes it look too good. Sure, it isn't pretty, but it isn't something that makes somebody sick to their stomach about or just feeling slightly queasy. Read The Circle Chase. In it, this is before his face was revealed, some assassins (or something) took off his mask and threw up and were distracted by his hideousness long enough for Weasel to bust him out. Speaking of which, where are Weasel, Bob and Agency X? Seriously. Oh, well, it still is Deadpool.

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