Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Comics I'm getting on 5/19

Here are comics I am and am not getting today. Unless I'm specifically getting from another company, the list is strictly Marvel.
Avengers #1
Well, it isn't a new series to me as much as a continuation of the Avengers in general. Bendis is still a writer I like and JRJR is an artist I have disliked, but have grown to like more and more. He isn't in my list of favorites, but he still is an artist that can do really good work. Hopefully the new team won't be too bad. The only flaws I see are who leads and who follows. Thor isn't someone who seems like he'd currently be willing to take orders from Iron Man, but who knows what'll happen. Meh, more just another story arc for me than a new series (since all the other Avengers books are cancelled).

Deadpool #23
Do I really need to explain Deadpool at this point? I love Deadpool. End of story. Oh, fine. The issue itself seems interesting. Deadpool has been trying to semi-redeem himself recently, so the Heroic Age isn't something that is horrible for him. I just hope Way can keep him from being stupid. Oh, and I will get the Heroic Age variant, seen here. My first piece of Deadpool art from an artist was from Giarrusso, so I really want his variant.

Galacta: Daughter of Galactus #1
Okay, bear with me here. There is a reason why this comic exists. From the Assistant-Sized Spectaculars last year, the best out of all the stories was this one. It was partly the stunning art which just looked amazing. It was partly the silly, but well done concept. Mostly, though, it was just the character and her Twitter account. It just worked. The Assistant-Sized Spectaculars were fun, but the best one, and the one that rightfully won, was Galacta, Daughter of Galactus. It's a silly concept, to be sure, but one that actually worked. Plus, it's just a one-shot, so it's  not some new series to get into. Unless you specifically hated the original, I'd recommend at least getting this or looking through it at the comic store.

Origins of Marvel Comics #1
Sigh. This issue looks...weird. I'm getting it because of Deadpool, but I'm wary. It looks like an interesting issue to help people ease into Marvel or the current state of things, with origins of characters to help people relate with new versions of the origins. Hopefully, it will actually be interesting, and not poorly done. Oh well.

Secret Six #16
I know what you're thinking. Wait a second, didn't you get Secret Six 21 a couple weeks ago? Well, yes, but I only have Secret Six 1-14 in volumes, then issues 15, 17-21. I am still missing 16, but hopefully the comic store I am going to today will have it (a different store than the one from a couple weeks ago).


Age of Heroes #1
Does anyone know if this is an ongoing or just limited? Either way, I'm not interested, as it just seems like a Heroic Age tie-in trying way too hard. It just looks stupid more than anything. I really don't care about Brother Voodoo's date night, or how much trouble Spider-Man can get into in one day. Or how the Avengers need to face their biggest challenge yet, J. Jonah Jameson. Sigh...

Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son #1
I think I missed American Son in Spider-Man, so it must have been somewhat recent. More than anything, this issue just reminds me how stupid bringing back Harry Osborn was. They brought him back at a time where his father had been shown to be the Green Goblin, got arrested, then tried to shoot the Atlantean ambassador during the Civil War due to the nanobots (or whatever) and was a hated person, until he became leader of the Thunderbolts. Harry's death was a big thing, and they waved it away like everything else. And I hate how everybody in Dark Avengers and all that, forgot that Norman Osborn had a son. If he had been dead, that wouldn't be an issue, but he's alive, and...fine, I'll stop ranting about OMD's ramifications.

Enter the Heroic Age #1
Is this just previews for Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Avengers Academy and Atlas? Because that's what the issue seems to be. It looks like different creative teams, but I'm not quite sure what this is, aside from a Heroic Age tie-in to make money. Oy. Cover looks great, though (Hitch is awesome).

Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 #2
Just to be clear, Mr. T is the Hulk, now, right? Just checking (look at that cover, then tell me it isn't Mr. T who is apparently the Hulk).

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