Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Comics I'm getting on 5/12

Once again, the comics I'll be getting today, along with comics I won't be getting, and some stuff about them.

Avengers: The Initiative #35
Honestly, I loved the first 12 issues. Plus, if you look at issue 1, with Cloud 9, then issue 12, dear Deadpool! They turned this sweet, innocent, girl, who just wanted to have fun on her cloud into a hardened sniper with her own cover, thanks to her clouds. After that, it was weird, and honestly, never nearly as good. Still, I've read the entire series. Recently, it's been amusing with Taskmaster, and annoying with the New Warriors. I didn't start the series to see the New Warriors, but they have become the most interesting thing in the book, and I don't even like them! The series is coming to an end, soon to be replaced with a Heroic Age version sometime in the future. Whatever.

Dark Avengers #16
It was the Thunderbolts, except made to be heroes and the series was never quite good. Thunderbolts in the post-Civil War world wasn't good because of Deodato, it was good with Deodato. Bendis is a great writer, and I like him as a writer, but he didn't write the Dark Avengers as well as it could have been. The finale for another series to be replaced with a Heroic Age version soon just is weird. Oh well, hopefully Heroic Age won't be too bad.

Deadpool Team-Up #893
Hmmm... This was on my list last week too. Well, it apparently is coming out this week instead. Whatever I said then applies here, except that this happens to be the only Deadpool comic this week. Interesting. Oh, but I want to get the Heroic Age version if possible, seen here.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power #1
I read and loved Incredible Hercules. It was freaking awesome. Too bad Herc had to die, or as revealed recently, not die. Silly comics, already starting to bring back Hercules in the FREAKING MEMORIAL TO HERCULES ISSUE. Geez, couldn't they have waited to this for him to start. That was just silly. This issue looks like it has great writers and a great artist though, so I'm looking forward to it.

Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers Unleashed #3
Say what you will. I really don't care. I just love Lockheed, and will pick up comics with him, to an extent. Plus, it has Throg, the Thor frog. What more could you ask for? Sure it is silly, but it is supposed to be, and like all good fluff, it isn't an important event in the universe, and is just there for fun.

New Avengers Finale #1
The finale for New Avengers, well, not really. Mostly, I'm getting it for the Hitch art and the sense of conclusion. Otherwise, not really something I'm super interested in. I just love Hitch's art and I like feeling that something concluded. I really wish they had concluded Wolverine: First Class by actually saying they were concluding it, as opposed to having an issue that just happened to be the last one, with no warning whatsoever.

Siege #4
They kind of revealed some of the stuff already, heck just from the promos for Heroic Age, which is freaking named HEROIC AGE. If the heroes don't win, that's just silly. Oh, and Loki steals the Norn stones back from Hood and uses them to help the Avengers defeat the Sentry/Void. That's just from New Avengers. Oh, and the Avengers win and Luke Cage gets put in charge of the Thunderbolts (who will have Juggernaut, Crossbones and Man-Thing, ughh). Still, I'll see how Bendis wraps it up.Hopefully, it will be satisfying. More than anything, I want it to be over.

Comics I'm not getting

Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1
Warren Ellis is good. Kaare Andrews can be good (I hated the art in Spider-Man: Reign, along with the story, but his more cartoony stuff is stuff I like). The series just doesn't interest me though. I already read Astonishing X-Men and I have liked it less and less ever since Whedon left. I don't feel like picking up a mini-series or one-shot for a series I'm not that excited about. It's nothing against the creators.

Hulk #22
Well, I should actually preface this. If you want to hear my Loeb rant, you can ask. I'll tell you. I'm not going to do it here because that would be pointless. I would only get this if it had Deadpool, which unfortunately is a possibility. So, it may be something I actually end up getting. Sigh... Please don't have Deadpool, please don't have Deadpool, please don't have Deadpool...

Siege: Embedded #4
Unlike Civil War or Secret Invasion or those other events, I decided not to get the tie-ins. If it was a series I was reading, sure I got it, but Siege never interested me enough to get the tie-ins. Aside from being tired of events, Siege's premise never interested me. Sure, I liked Thor. I love the Green Goblin. Siege just seems silly, and still does. So, this is more of a non-get for every single Siege tie-in out there that isn't something I already would have gotten.

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