Tuesday, July 15, 2008

DCU Preview

Well, here you go:

Okay, this is me we are talking about, so we have to give backstory:

A long time ago, DC Comics had a multiverse, where there were an infinite amount of Earths. One of those Earths was called Earth Prime. On Earth Prime, many things were similar to how they are here. There aren't any superpowered individuals and DC exists, and people sometimes had to go to DC in order to get back to their universe. Well, there were two superpeople. One of them was Superboy. Sent to Earth, the Kents decided to name the baby Clark Kent, initially refused because it was of course Superman's name, the father eventually gave in. Well, surprise, surprise, it was actually Kal-El. Dressed like Superboy at a party, he gained his Kryptonian powers, helped Superman, then went on with his life.
Eventually, the Crisis happened, and Earth Prime was one of the Earths destroyed. Superboy survived though and wound up with the Earth-1 superheroes (and others) fighting against the Anti-Monitor. In the end, it came down to Superman (Earth 2) and Superboy (Earth Prime), along with Alexander Luthor, against the Anti-Monitor. Together, they were able to defeat the Anti-Monitor, but couldn't return to Earth. Alex was able to rescue Earth 2 Lois and the four of them went off to their paradise dimension.
Eventually, though, they noticed that the Earth's superheroes were growing much darker, and doing worse things. Not being able to stand this, they decided to fix everything. After some smashing of reality (resulting in some retcons including Jason Todd's return), Alex and Superboy worked together, somewhat against Superman and Lois, and they brought about a new Multiverse, while searching for the prefect Earth. Superboy Prime battled Superboy (Connor) and when the Titans showed up to help Connor, he semi-accidentally killed some of the Titans, never having really learned to hold back. Then the Flashes, minus Jay, who was no longer fast enough, trapped Prime in the Speed Force.
4 years later for him, Bart returned, warning that he had escaped, and Superboy Prime returned to help Luthor, eventually planning to fly through Oa to cause another Big Bang. Instead, tons of superheroes and Green Lanterns join forces to stop him, and with Earth 1 and Earth 2 Supermen flying him through Rao, Krypton's red sun, they take off his yellow sun armor, which had been empowering him, and are able to defeat him. He then is locked in a willpower cell guarded by a young, red Sun-Eater and 50 Green Lanterns.
During the Sinestro Corps War, he is freed during an attack on Oa, and he joins the Anti-Monitor as Superman Prime, becoming one of the Anti-Monitor's heralds.

The Anti-Matter team, in this set, has a theme of removing cards from the game, so Superman Prime fits the bill. He gets rid of one of your guys to grow to almost 6-drop proportions. Just in terms of what we already have in the game, you could always throw some guys at your opponent. If you have two stunned guys, remove one of them and smack them in the face. While average by himself, he is still good, and with stats of 9/9 and flight and range, he isn't necessarily the best without his power, but with it, he is amazingly powerful, growing in size and smacking down those ornery big-bottomed 5-drops or those weak 6-drops. The cost seems high, but we shall see if it is worth it through other cards in the set.

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