Friday, July 25, 2008

The Best Hour Ever

Okay, so I am in San Diego, at Comic-Con. I decided to check out the new Wolverine vs Hulk animated movie. You know what was in it?


I am not joking. Deadpool was in it.

For about 5 minutes after they revealed Deadpool was in it, I was in shock. It quickly faded though, when Deadpool spoke (which he did a lot [which is how it should be {why am I going in more?}]) and he was hilarious and he was Deadpool. The movie had no flaws to me. Honestly. None. The one thing I think people could say is that it is too short (45 minutes), but it isn't supposed to be a deep story with lots of thinking. It is Wolverine attacking the Hulk, as both are attacked by Weapon X, with a team of Sabretooth (no surprise), Omega Red (okay, interesting), Lady Deathstrike (cool, cool), and then it pans over to Deadpool (OMG!!!). When it first panned to him, people were just awed and really impressed. If it was only a movie with fighting, I might be sad, but Deadpool's moments of comic relief made you forget, then remember, meaning it isn't non-stop violence. Still, it is about 3/4+ violence, which I can live with. Oh, and you know what Marvel is working on? Hulk v Thor (cool) and Planet Hulk (yeah, ye...wait, Planet Hulk?). Yes, they are making a Planet Hulk animated movie. If they follow in the path of Hulk vs Wolverine, we are in for some good times.

Deadpool was awesome!

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