Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Deadpool review #2 & #3

This edition of Deadpool review is for Thunderbolts 131 and for X-Force/Cable: Messiah War Prologue.

What you need to know: Deadpool, on a mission for Nick Fury, stole intelligence about the Skrulls, which Norman Osborn intercepted. Then, he used the intel to kill the Skrull queen, making him immensely popular and now is head of HAMMER, the replacement SHIELD. Deadpool learned about this and wants to be paid and recognized for his part in making Osborn so powerful. Osborn sent his new Black-Ops Thunderbolts after him. Now, Deadpool, working with Taskmaster, is trying to take out the Thunderbolts while trying to score with Yelena Belova, their leader, the second Black Widow (the blonde one).

The plot: The Thunderbolts captured Deadpool, but as Headsman is about to chop his head off, the actual Deadpool shows up, armed to the teeth. He frees Taskmaster, who was masquerading as Deadpool before, then they fight the Thudnerbolts, causing Norman Osborn to flee. Deadpool is able to get onto the ship, but Norman goes crazy and attacks Deadpool, causing the ship to crash. Black Widow shoots Deadpool in the heart, and then Headsman finally does something, chopping Deadpool's head off. Norman tells Yelena to burn the head, and walks away. Taskmaster then is embarrassed to be at an ATM, getting his money, considering he is "world-class." Deadpool, it seems, stole Norman Osborn's credit card while they fought, and had his head sown back on, he assumed by Taskmaster, but actually was Black Widow.

Deadpool's part: Well, the entire thing, pretty much. Read the plot, since this was specifically a Deadpool story.

Humor involved: As he shows up to rescue Taskmaster, he talks about how he couldn't decide which weapons to bring, deciding upon all of them. As he tries to get rid of Ant Man, who climbs into his outfit, he shoots himself a bunch of times. When he gets shot through the heart, he starts singing, then asks for last words from Yelena, who is threatening to cut off his head. As he realizes who sowed his head back onto his body, he is incredibly happy, and believes Yelena really does love him.

Worth getting?: If you've read the other parts, then yes. Otherwise, still yes, but I recommend that your read the other parts first. It is a fun storyline, and I enjoyed it. The current Thunderbolts, like the team from directly after Civil War, are horrible at teamwork, and don't work together well at all. It leads to some interesting dynamics. Plus, Deadpool is good in this. He isn't all silly all the time, but he does make things fun. The art isn't for everyone, but I enjoyed it.


What you need to know: The one mutant born after M-Day has been flung into the future to live with Cable. Cyclops knows Bishop is after them, so he decides to send X-Force to help.

The plot: Cyclops recalls what happened while Bishop talks to a mysterious man in a bar who killed everybody else there. As X-Force gets sent into the future to help Cable out to protect the child, they come under attack by Deadpool, who unlike everybody else who had to time travel to get there, he just survived. Deadpool joins up with X-Force, who find Cable, and then learn that Stryfe is ruling the world at this point, with him being the person Bishop talked to.

Deadpool's part: He shoots at X-Force, then as they wonder what he's doing there, cracks some jokes, and joins up with them, as he is also looking for Cable.

Humor involved: Sees Domino and semi-remembers her, mentioning how he knew someone who looked exactly like her 1000 years ago. He then claims he's the emperor of North America, and can be called "your majesty." After Logan pops his claws through Wade's head, he says he feels Logan inside his head and wonders if Wolverine is a telepath now. Then, he comments on how he likes having his brain scratched. Then, he looks around and, seeing everybody, says, "Wolverine! Thunderbird II! Domino! Other people I don't know! I missed you! Where did you go? I was waiting for you! For a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaly long time." After they get to where Cable is, he, Domino, Elixir and Vanisher are told to wait outside, at which point he asks if they want to play Travel Connect Four, which he brought with him. Oh, and Stryfe's file for him is great. You can see that here.

Worth getting?: It's a crazy storyline involving the future, Cable, Stryfe, Bishop and a time traveling X-Force. It's silly as hell, but made all the sillier with Deadpool. Seeing as it is a storyline which had a lot of Deadpool in it (surprisingly so), I reccomend it to Deadpool fans. To non-Deadpool fans, well, if you like all that time travel stuff or seeing stupid amounts of violence (reading X-Force), then sure, otherwise, I'd say to avoid it.

Look this Friday or Saturday (again, hopefully Friday) for my review of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, with a Deadpool review coming also.

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