Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadpool review #1

Welcome to my new series, Deadpool review, where I review whatever there may be that I pick up related to Deadpool. For this first article, I'll be going over the issue last week that had Deadpool in it, X-Force 14.

What you need to know: Cable has been trying to protect the first mutant born after M-Day, and he entered the timestream. Cyclops sent X-Force after Cable to help him out. Bishop has been trying to kill the mutant, who he believes will be responsible for the extinction of mutantkind. Currently, they are in the future, where Stryfe, Cable's clone is ruler, and wants Cable dead.

The Plot: X-Force, Cable and Deadpool have to fight off Stryfe's soldiers, as Bishop lands in the future, allying himself with Stryfe to take out a weakened Apocalypse. X-Force is able to take out the soldiers. Then, Stryfe attacks, taking lots of them down. Archangel discovers the beaten Apocalypse, who greets his former horseman.

Deadpool's part: In the future, Deadpool never died, instead living long enough to reach whenever they are. He helps Cable and X-Force out along the way. During the fight against Stryfe's men, he takes almost all of them out by shooting them and is the first to notice Stryfe coming to attack them.

Humor involved: While describing his group, when he gets to Wade, he remarks that their fates seem intertwined. "God help me." Deadpool also just yells while shooting wildly in the air. Deadpool shoots a guy in the head repeatedly, yelling out, "Bang! You're dead." each time, telling Domino after she asks him to help them out more, "But what if he's a zombie?!" Then, he yells, "Buuulleeeetttssss!!" as he mows all the remaining enemies down, before going back to shooting the one guy in the head, yelling, "Die, zombie! Diiiie!" Later on, talking to Domino, he remarks how his "...pants are an open book." Then, as she asks what he isn't telling them, "[What I didn't tell you was] that Stryfe just launched from his citadel, and is flying through the sky right now and coming this way I think to probably kill you all. But to be fair, I was only keeping that from you for a few seconds."

Worth getting?: I'm going to say yes. I only read X-Force's first volume in issue format, and while I thought it was kind of silly (and it still is), the story wasn't too hard for me to follow. The characters and plot are introduced right on the front page and everything is explained fairly well. Clayton Crain is still an amazing artist, whose art, while very dark, especially with black on black on dark grey is hard to see, is still really good. Craig Kyle and Chris Yost are great writers and the issue is good. I'm not reading Messiah War (well, aside from the issues with Deadpool. Still need Cable 13), and while the story is somewhat cheesy, it still is worth it, at least I think so. Plus, Deadpool is written well in this. He has a good amount of page time considering he isn't the main character, and is a back-up character to the back-up character. Still, he proves his skills in combat, and he still is funny.

Look this Wednesday or Thursday (hopefully Wednesday) for my Deadpool review of Thunderbolts 131, the final issue in Magnum Opus, the Deadpool/Thunderbolts crossover.

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