Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Team Fortress 2

Wow. Just wow. This is an awesome game. To get you acquainted with the game, I'll give you the "Meet the..." for each class in Team Fortress 2 (that have come out so far).

Those are 6 of the 9 classes in Team Fortress 2. Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer first person shooter game, where there are 9 different classes with unique attributes and qualities. The offense consists of the Scout, who is fast, but weak, the Soldier, who has a powerful rocket launcher, but is somewhat slow and takes time to reload the launcher, and the Pyro, who has a powerful flamethrower that sets people on fire, but only at close range. The defense consists of the Heavy, who has tons of health and a powerful minigun, but moves incredibly slowly, the Engineer, who builds sentry guns, teleporters and dispensers, but not very powerful personal weapons with low health, and the Demoman, who has powerful explosives, but takes lots of time and effort. The support classes are the Sniper, whose sniper rifle is powerful, but isn't good at close range, the Medic, who can heal, but can't do much else, and the Spy, who can disguise himself, but only for limited time, and is otherwise fairly weak.

There are different modes, where you are trying to do different things. Capture the Flag maps have intelligence briefcases in one area and the two teams try and capture the intelligence the set number of times before the other team does the same. Payload maps have one attacking team and one defending team. The attacking team tries to move a cart past some checkpoints before getting it to the end. The defending team tries to stop them from doing that. There are different Capture Point maps. One type is where there are 5 control points, and each team starts with two, with an open one in the middle. You try and capture each of the points, while stopping the other team from doing the same. Another type is where there is an attacking team who has to capture control points in order, and the defending team has to stop them. The other type is Arena, where people are assigned to teams and just try to kill each other. You get one life, and at the end, one team kills the other.

The thing about the game that I like, that you might gather from the videos, is that it is a silly game. It isn't serious at all. The art style and graphics are cartoony, but the gameplay is awesome. I am not a big fan of taking things seriously. I have never really liked games with guns, just because I am not big on killing and violence. Sure, I'll enjoy some, but not to the extent that I'll go get Halo or GTA just to run around killing lots of people. What TF2 does is make it fun and cartoony. Yes, your vital organs might get splattered by a Soldier's rocket, but it looks silly when it happens. I love the Pyro, just because setting people on fire is lots of fun, but the Sniper is starting to grow on me (maybe after a life where I got 6 headshots, and destroyed 5 sentry guns, all with my sniper rifle). The game is not for everybody, but it is for me, as it is silly, but lots of fun.

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