Friday, March 27, 2009

Comic Review

Wow, one of these? I haven't done this in a while. There are a few I want to go over, though.


Well, Ultimatum 3 and Ultimate X-Men 100 were released last week, and were, well, interesting. This was the final issue of Ultimate X-Men, which is sad for me, considering I liked the series, even through its extreme bumpiness due to the different creative teams popping in and out. The Mark Brooks art is gorgeous, and he is such a great artist, and I think he needs more credit. With what he has gotten to do, he's done really well. The story is amusing, but very violent. Nearing the end of the Ultimate universe (for all intents and purposes), they have decided that anybody can be killed off at any time for any reason. With that in mind, they had Magneto use Multiple Man create lots of dupes and make them all suicide bombers. Madrox kills a lot of people, including people at the Frost Academy of Tomorrow, and in the Morlock sewers. Oh, and all those Captains from Ultimates 2 (Britain, France, Italy, etc) when he blows up Parliament. Really, it is kind of silly, but whatever. Magneto's already gone crazy. All in all, it is kind of annoying, in that there was so much left that they could have done, especially considering the Hellfire Club's secret had been semi-revealed, but not explored. I was waiting, but now it doesn't matter because they all died. Maybe that is what has me on edge about the Ultimatum event. There were lots of storylines that were hinted at, but never got to happen. Oh well. Ultimatum 3 continued the Ultimatum pile of shitfest. Apparently, Blob was in his right mind when he ate Wasp. Hmmm... Well, okay, then. Oh, and Hank bites Blob's head off. Right, that makes sense. Then, Hank takes Wasp's body back to the Triskelion where he discovers Multiple Men attacking. He gives Wasp to Iron Man, telling him to start project Jocasta (to get Wasp's mind into a machine). Then, he lets the Multiple Men kill themself and him by getting them to jump on top of him (why they all do that I don't know), then walks into the water, where he blows up. Huh. Oh, and Thor sacrifices himself so that Cap and Valkyrie can come back. Really? Get rid of the most powerful member for Cap and Valkyrie. Sure, Cap's smart and more powerful than 616 dead Cap, but Thor is, well, Thor. The freaking Norse God of Thunder. We already went over this in Ultimates 2, how Thor really is the actual Thor. Oy. Personally, I never cared about Valkyrie, as there has been nothing with her except for the craptastic Ultimates 3 and a panel or two at the beginning of Ultimatum 1. So, to lose Thor for Valkyrie is just stupid. Oy. Oh, and now Cap is determined because Wasp is dead. Honestly, this whole event is just annoying as hell. I still hate that Thor's hammer is being used by Magneto. I know it isn't the Mjolnir from 616 that only obeys Thor, but, well, it should be. Mjolnir in mythology was Thor's weapon and only Thor's weapon. It was so heavy that only Thor, wearing a special belt, could lift it. In the comics, that was changed to the worthy being able to lift the hammer, and in the Ultimate universe, to only those wielding the belt could wield Thor's powers. But, now Thor doesn't seem to have that belt, and Magneto seems to be able to wield the hammer just fine. Sigh... I guess Ultimate War had Magneto stop the hammer, then throw it back into Thor, but I hate the idea of Magneto having a weapon that powerful, although considering it isn't the same hammer (how many hammers does Thor have? why does he have multiple Mjolnir?) who knows what it can do. Sigh... Only two more issues of Ultimatum and two more Ultimate Spider-Man issues and that is it for me. No one-shots or the future Ultimate events. I am riding out the Ultimate universe, remembering when it was still good and keeping that intact (with runs of Ultimate Spider-Man and Ultimate X-Men, while letting Ultimatum bring them to a horrible close).

Deadpool: Games of Death

This was fun. One thing that is going on in Deadpool at the moment is hearing multiple voices in his head, and having Deadpool-vision. Both are concepts by Daniel Way, who has gotten much better at portraying Deadpool from the time he was in Wolverine: Origins. I'm fine with it, because honestly, it is amusing at this point, considering how he also is showing how he isn't stupid. Like so many people, he acts stupid, but unlike a lot of them, he isn't. Sure, he acts crazy and does things that are stupid, but he isn't. He knew what was going on when he got hired, but feigned ignorance all the way through. Also, he was able to win, and considering the people involved, that is no small feat. This was a fun one-shot that reminds me why it is great to love Deadpool, especially at the moment. He is getting a lot of publicity and it means he has guest appearances and his own series, a one-shot and a mini-series. How awesome is that?

Deadpool/Thunderbolts: Magnum Opus:

Speaking of the crossovers Deadpool is getting, Deadpool 8-9 and Thunderbolts 130-131 are part of a 4 part story called Magnum Opus. It really isn't a "great work" but it is amusing as hell. See, back at the beginning of Deadpool's new series, he manipulated his way into a Skrull compound, got info on how to kill the Skrull queen, then tried to send it to Nick Fury, his employer. Along the way, though, Norman Osborn intercepted the data and used it to kill the Skrull queen himself, getting Nick Fury/Maria Hill/Tony Stark's old job in the process. Deadpool just learned about this and wants revenge for having the money and credit stolen from him. Unfortunately for him, the Thunderbolts are on the case, and after Deadpool. All in all, I appreciate the story more than anything else. Thunderbolts has been a consistently good series since Civil War (I liked it before that, since New Thunderbolts, but whatever) and it is great to see Deadpool guest star in the series. Also, the story is awesome and helps Deadpool out. I mean, it is Deadpool versus an entire team of "heroes" which is fairly impressive. All I can say is that this storyline is fun, amusing, and I love Deadpool.

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