Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pi's Reviews - October 13th

Deadpool Corps #7 review

Honestly, this issue wasn't as great as some of the other ones, and I think the reason is that I honestly don't know what the heck happened. Although I do like that the flashbacks are all crazy and part of Deadpool's fantasy, such that how much we can trust them is unknown. I do love that the general space public fears or respects the Deadpool Corps as much as they do, based off of how the Deadpool Corps took on the Awareness, and while not respected much on their Earths, they get a lot of respect and fear out in space.

Still, the issue could have been better. I really wish I knew what was going on. I realize Deadpool rushes into things in this series with no plan whatsoever, but seeing that happen while there's this other insanity of not knowing if what he's doing is even what actually happened makes it a little hard to follow. It is good, though, and I do enjoy me some Deadpool Corps.

New Avengers #5 review

At least, we finally know who the villain is, what his plan is and what is going on. It's kind of weird, and a little annoying that it took 5 issues to determine the name of the bad guy, but it still works. There's a lot of Bendis writing in this that makes it work.

While there is barely any action in this (in fact, the only real action is at the beginning, on a two page spread of Wong and Dr. Strange vs the Hand), it still feels good. For me, for a Bendis book, it can do one of two things, and it does it well. It can advance the plot with a lot of dialogue and people talking to each other, which I am fine with because Bendis makes the characters talking to each other interesting, or it can do nothing to advance the plot and just have fighting, with no real resolutions that works well because Bendis can make the characters that are fighting interesting.

Honestly, I love Bendis's work, and this is mostly a good example of Bendis advancing plot through dialogue and a whole lot of dialogue.

The Thanos Imperative #5 review

This issue's ending made sense to me. Thanos has kind of been going along with the Guardians for no real reasons, and it's been a little weird, but the ending of this made sense. I can totally understand all of Thanos' actions up to this point. I like what Thanos is doing in this, because the writers understand Thanos and understand his motivations.

Something that kind of annoyed me about the issue, and the entire series for that matter, is the battle going on at the Fault. There's ships flying everywhere, stuff's apparently happening, but more than anything, it's Galactus and pals kind of standing out in space in front of the Galactus engine, which is apparently a lot bigger than Galactus himself, and is, well, weird more than anything. Fighting's going on, but we don't know anything about it. Most of it isn't physical, although the physical isn't seen anyways, and, well, it seems like it isn't important, when it's probably the bigger fight that's going on. Whatever...

All in all, I like the Thanos Imperative because the writers are good at their jobs, but dislike it slightly because it feels like they are being forced into writing something that they don't necessarily want to write.

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